Savoring Art Week – #LKFSavoringArt & Gourmets

While all the art functions and galleries are happening around Hong Kong in March, the month of art, Lan Kwai Fong group has delivered the first ever Savoring Art Campaign where they have collaborated with 12 restaurants, including Bread Street Kitchen, across California Tower and Lan Kwai Fong to host a week of art-inspired food. Each dish is solely offered through the best art theme, covering a mix fare of Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean to even Sichaunese, and specialties cocktail to enjoy along the meal.

The launch event happens at Sky Garden of California Tower. The participating restaurants all come together to preview their representing dishes and here are some of the best-loved ones.

CE LA VI, helmed by the dessert expert Jason Licker, has brought us a new chocolate bar filled with banana puree in addition to their signature desserts, like the white chocolate junmai mousse and calamansi almond cake.

Fofo, renowned for their Spanish tapas, has made a bite size combination of sweet prawn carpaccio and creamy uni serve atop homemade paella cracker. The sauce is particularly delightful which tastes somewhat similar to cold tomato gazpacho.

Fovea is an interesting half-Cantonese and half-nightclub restaurant, where presents a western twisted white truffle fish maw roll topped with caviar.

The famous Korean modernist Jinjuu also serves up some really cute ice cream cones in two different flavors of strawberry and banana, incorporated with cream, milk, egg, vanilla, jelly beans and chocolate butter.

Some favourites are the homemade burrata cheese from Mercedes Me, creamy and luxurious; fresh oysters from Townhouse, an excellent embodiment of Western ingredients with that of Eastern, such as tom yum kung caviar, Japanese yuzu and bonito.

I reckon this month is already sparkling with merriment. Be sure to check out more on their web page!

Azure Restaurant Slash Bar
Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

Burnt Leek, Garlic Crisps, Crisp Pancetta & Spring Pea Puree

White Chocolate-Junmai Sake Cream
Valrhona white chocolate, Junmai sake, salty toffee crunch & shiso gelee

Toasted Calamansi Cake
Lime-soaked cake, calamansi cremieux, guava sorbet

Chocolate Bar
Passion fruit caramel, crispy phyllo, banana gel

Ciao Chow
The Granma Ravioli on the Beach
Fresh ricotta, spinach, burrata cream with black ink & baby squid

‘When the Codfish Walks to the Mountain’
Sous vide codfish with crispy kin, fava beans puree, baby white onions in balsamic vinegar, lump eggs, Isreali asparagus & crispy parmesan

Fofo by el Willy
Red Prawn Carpaccio

Paella Cracker, Sea Urchin & Cold Soup Ajoblanco

Paella Cracker, Prawn Carpaccio, Sea Urchin

Truffle Cordyceps Fish Maw Rolls
White truffle, cordyceps flower, zucchini, fish maw & black caviar

Strawberry Prawns
Prawns, strawberries & raspberries

Soya Bean Custard

Modern Art Kimbap
Seaweed, rice, creme fraiche, Jinjuu gochujang hot suace, daikon radish, smoked salmon, green beans, kimchi, mushrooms, carrots, egg, bean sprouts & courgettes

Wanye Thiebaud Clown Ice Cream Cones

Banana Ice Cream Cone

The Earresisitable
Strawberries, lychee soju, citrus juice, coconut, pineapple and lime, with green matcha

Mercedes me Store
Beetroot Tartar

Goat Cheese Spheres & Mango Yolks

Organic Burrata

Black Sesame, Lavender, Cherry Gazpacho

Strawberry Dessert

Local Organic Strawberries, Dehydrated Strawberry Compote, Essence of Strawberry, Vietnamese Mint & Geranium Infused Ricotta, Homemade Chia Seed Chips

Porterhouse by Laris
‘Bringing to life still life in reverse, a proposition of scale, origins and product’
Beef with edible soil, olive oil pearls, truffle mash, ragu of mushroom, beef cheek

Sichuan House
A Sunflower
Egg dumplings with minced pork, diced shrimp, squid & chili

Pearl of the Island

French Oysters, Tom Yum Kung Caviar, Japanese Yuzu Sauce, Squid Ink, Golden Sugar & Bonito

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