ZUC.CCH.ERO – An Extra C Dessert Lab

Zucchero, is a sweet crystalline substance that makes everyone happy. In an other words, it means “sugar” in English. Adding an extra “c”, it is ZUC.CCH.ERO the lab where has brought extra creativity on the table to begin a new concept of desserts.

Starting from basic ingredients, the five senses of art and science, the menu is highly sugar-dosed and offers a list of brewed fruit teas, house signature cocktails and drinks.

We love the Rolex Ball which is basically a caramelized sugar sphere covering a mango pomelo sago dessert. Cracked open the ball, it tastes as a cold and refreshing combination of some sweet mango pieces, mango juice, pomelo flesh, evaporated milk ice cream and a few lumpy sago.

The Rainforest looks even better with a most-loved blood orange sorbet and delicate accompaniment of pistachio tuile, baked thin and crispy like a sweet wafer.

To follow, we are surprised by the tofu ice cream which is excellently smooth and rich in tofu flavor. The presentation of it is spectacular, the yuzu wine foam is notably tangy and light.

I’m pretty sure people would struggle on the decision between matcha and sweet potato cheese tart.
The matcha cheese tart is a little overpowered by the cheese yet the yuzu sorbet on the side is certainly amazing. Likewise, the Okinawa potato has a half-baked molten centre, and better richness. Certainly, both of them are well executed.
I also recommend trying their signature cocktail Bellini, mixed with sweet champagne and real grapefruit puree.

Dessert Bar


Rolex Ball

Mango, Pomelo & Grapefruit, Mango Juice, Evaporated Milk Ice Cream, Sago

Green apple & common fig, blood orange sorbet, pistachio tuile, jasmine tea jelly

Aki Kara

Tofu Ice Cream, Brown Sugar Tuile, Longan, Yuzu Wine Foam, Sweet Olive Jelly

Uji Matcha Lava

Matcha Cheese Tart, Yuzu Sauce, Yuzu Sorbet

Okinawa Purple

Sweet Potato Cheese Tart, Toffee Sauce, Red Bean Ice Cream


Address: 1802-3 Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3427 9828
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 15:00-00:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/zuc.cch.ero

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