Isaac + Hello Kitty + Snaffle – 3 New Spots at Macau

Isaac Toast is known for their super thick toast breakfast sandwiches. First to open a franchise in Macau, they have brought in a taste of Korean style cafe at a great deal. We love the morning blend of coffee as well as the Angus beef toast, Bulgalbi mvp. The signature sauce is also amazing!

Issac Toast & Coffee

Hazelnut Choco, Hazelnut Latte
榛子朱古力, 榛子拿鐵

Shrimp MVP Toast

To follow is the Hello Kitty cafe where sells Hello Kitty shaped butter cookies, macarons, frozen yogurt parfait and mini Portuguese tart. They come in several flavors, including cheese, green tea, chocolate, but we still think the original is the best.

Hello Kitty Portuguese Tarts

Original Macanese Egg Tarts, Chocolate Macanese Egg Tarts, Green Tea Macanese Egg Tarts, Cheese Macanese Egg Tarts
澳門原味葡撻, 澳門巧克力葡撻, 澳門綠茶葡撻, 澳門芝士葡撻

The last will be a patisserie shop from Hokkaido Japan. They use fresh and selected ingredients to make confectionaries such as Catchcake, the souffle cheesecakes. Think of flavors like chocolate, matcha, coconut and maple syrup. The two favourites of mine is cafe latte and original cheese; not to mention their super melty soft serve is also made with 5.4 % Hokkaido milk. Give it a try!

Hokkaido Soft Cream

Cafe Latte Catcha Cakes

Isaac Toast & Coffee Macau
Address: No.853 Rua Central, Macau, China
Telephone: 2832 9993
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 08:00-20:00

Hello Kitty Obrigado
Address: Travessa de S. Domingos 5-7A Edf. Pak Hou, A R/C Macau
Telephone: 2835 6543
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-20:00

Snaffle’s Macau 澳門斯樂芙
Address: Rua Das Gaivotas 15/c, n/a Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Telephone: 2857 6081
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00

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