Kowloon Shangri-La – The All About Matcha Series

Commencing today until June, Kowloon Shangri-La will offer a series of green gourmets featuring Kyoto Uji Matcha at their main outlets, Shang Palace, Nadaman, Cafe Kool, Lobby Lounge and Deli Kool. We are delighted to be the first to savour this array of creations made with matcha powder from Yamamasa Koyamaen, an award-winning tea farm, which includes matcha-infused Chinese dishes, desserts, pastries and afternoon tea treats.

Starting with an appetizer platter, it has uniquely rich stir-fried river shrimps with matcha from Shang Palace, sea urchin matcha tofu and my favourite tantalizing yuba tofu with snow crab meat from Nadaman.

Grilled Japanese Isaki Fish is beautifully cut, boneless and buttery, which comes with a piece of sweet potato and sprinkled with matcha powder, whereas the sliced crispy chicken on matcha toast is surprisingly tender, which drew a round of applause from the guests, serve aside some more shredded chicken richly flavored with sesame oil.

Last but not the least, we sample a variety of fine matcha pastries including matcha cheese cake, puff, jelly and scones which are available at the buffet restaurant Cafe Kool and afternoon tea set from Lobby Lounge; and bringing home our DIY matcha green tea swiss roll with the help from executive pastry chef Thomas Broger (priced at HK$300 each) .

After all, it was such a wonderful and memorable night!

Cold Matcha


Stir-fried River Shrimps with Matcha (Shang Palace)
抹茶河蝦仁 (香宮)

Homemade Matcha Tofu with Fresh Sea Urchin (Nadaman)
自家製抹茶豆腐伴海膽 (灘萬)

Fresh Snow Crab Meat & Soften Yuba Tofu with Matcha Powder (Nadaman)
新鮮雪蟹肉配抹茶腐竹 (灘萬)

Grilled Japanese Isaki Fish with Matcha Flavor (Nadaman)
宇治抹茶燒日本伊佐木魚 (灘萬)

Sliced Crispy Chicken on Matcha Toast (Shang Palace)
抹茶多士片皮雞 (香宮)

Sliced Crispy Chicken on Matcha Toast (Shang Palace)
抹茶多士片皮雞 (香宮)

Assorted Sweet & Savoury Matcha Creations (Lobby Lounge & Cafe Kool)
抹茶狂熱 (大堂酒廊 & Cafe Kool)

Matcha Swiss Roll

Matcha Jelly with Marshmallow

Matcha Marinated Salmon with Cilantro, Matcha Smoked Beef Billet with Miso Mustard Dressing, Steamed Matcha Egg Custard with Crab Meat, Baked Champignon with Matcha Mayonnaise, Matcha Cheese Cake, Matcha Puff, Shiratama with Matcha Jelly & Red Beans, Matcha Scones with Double Cream & Strawberry Jam
抹茶三文魚, 抹茶煙牛柳伴味噌芥末汁, 蟹肉抹茶蒸蛋, 焗白菌配抹茶沙律醬, 抹茶芝士蛋糕, 抹茶泡芙, 抹茶啫喱及白玉子配紅豆, 抹茶鬆餅伴忌廉及果醬

Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony: Sado

Matcha Tea

Matcha Swiss Roll

Kowloon Shangri-La 九龍香格里拉大酒店
Website: http://www.shangri-la.com/hongkong/kowloonshangrila/

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