Alley Street Food Market – By FeedMe Guru at PMQ

Take place at PMQ every Saturday for the coming 8 consecutive weeks, Alley Street Food Market is brought to you by FeedMe Guru featuring some city’s favourite and trendiest food offered by a line up of restaurants. They will serve signature dishes, along with cocktails, wines and healthy juices.

At the VIP corner, we are served with Bread & Butter orange juice and canapes, follow by the lusciously rich and melted raclette cheese over roasted potato and prosciutto ham.

The beef brisket burger from Bread & Beast is always amazing so does the MOYO Korean fried chicken.

I am surprised by the liquid nitrogen popcorn from ZUC.CCH.ERO, where I tried the kimchi flavor and fell in love with.

Not to mention the cute little penguin fish ball by the Drunken Pot, as well as beautiful cocktail from Topiary, a mix of Belvedere voldka, Kina d’Or, pear puree, lemon juice and thyme syrup.

To finish the super hot street food adventure, I have had one of the best ice lolly in town, from Nice Pops!

Let’s check it out again next week!

Orange Juice

Mini Vanilla Cupcake

Roasted Beef Canapés

Guru Notes

Bread n Butter Cafe

Raclette Cheese with 20 Year Prosciutto Ham & Baby Potatoes

Bread & Beast
Cheesy brisket

Korean fried chicken

Liquid nitrogen popcorn

Drunken Pot
Penguin shaped fish balls

Beef & Liberty
Pulled pork hamburger


Low Hanging Fruits

Nice Pops

Honeydew Berry Sorbet

Alley Street Food Market

FeedMe Guru

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