Sohofama 料理農務 – The Coolest Chinese Cocktail Bar

At the historically marked and creatively revitalized PMQ building, Sohofama is one of the ever-growing eateries owned by the folks behind Locofama, a health-conscious restaurant.

The team collaborates with lifestyle chain G.O.D. to make it an unconventional and cozy space to offer some local Chinese comfort food which emphasizes on organic, healthy and no-MSG, hidden inside a hip bar that holds some coolest cocktails infusing Chinese-ingredients.

The bar is hosted by a talented mixologist Kit Cheung, the bar consultant at OZU Bar Hong Kong and co-founder of Spirit of Spirit.
He introduces us four of his favourite cocktails, starting from a Plum Sours, a blend of house-infused plum wine shaken with organic Perilla tea giving a sweet and slightly tangy aftertaste.

The Smoking Chamomile is not only presentable, it is possibly one of the best renditions of sweet chamomile tea but infused with traditional Yuet Woo rice wine and a hint of black sugar.

The other two are a roselle based cranberry vodka, and a signature dried orange peel Hua Diao resembling old-school congee from the old day.

And guess what! Thanks to Sohofama’s collaboration with New World Group, you can create your own drink just by one click ahead to this link and redeem one of the four beautiful cocktails at the bar by 12 June!

Truth be told, this hidden gem is one of the coolest happy hour bars in Hong Kong.

Plum Sours
採用新界東北古洞和記酒廠所製的兩年三蒸梅酒, 並以香港屯門社區廚房王愛華種植的紫蘇葉為基底, 加上少量檸檬汁及本地野生蜂蜜

Plum Sours
Plum infused in local Yuet Wo triple distilled spirit shaken with local organic Perilla tea, lemon & local honey

Smoking Chamomile
自家製之洋甘菊酒, 配以有機黑糖及和記米酒, 檸檬汁及蘋果汁, 愉悅的口感, 同時散發著洋甘菊之寧謐香氣

Applewood Smoked

Smoking Chamomile
Homemade infused chamomile wine vodka, white wine, apple, lemon & local honey with applewood

Finlandia cranberry vodka shaken with Cointreau, fresh lime & roselle juice
洛神花汁混和新鮮青檸汁及Finlandia Caberry Vodka

Orange Peel Porridge
運用香港家庭廚房必備的陳皮, 米酒及糯米酒, 配以健康食品奇異籽, 混和亞洲保健食材薑醸製的Ginger Liqueur, 口感豐盈, 順滑流暢且趣味然, 是農民生活與摩登時代的有趣結合

Orange Peel Porridge
5 year dried tangerine peel infused with local Yuet Wo rice wine, Yuet Wo glutinous rice wine, domaine de canton ginger, lime, honey, orange bitter & chia seed


Sohofama 料理農務
Address: G/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central District, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2858 8238
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-14:30, 18:00-23:00 ; Sat-Sun 12:0-15:30, 18:00-23:00
Website: /

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