Jerry Maguire – A Cocktail & Dessert Bar

The name of this restaurant comes from a line of an old movie Jerry Maguire, “to complete you”. It is a new bar set in the center of town inspired to bring together the best of two worlds, molecular cocktails and desserts.

We are served with a tasting platter of Roasted Beetroot with Green Apple in Slightly Dressing, Slight-Grilled Open-Faced Tuna Melt and Italian Flatbread. The beetroot salad is my favourite whereas the tuna melt is made with whole wheat toast covered by slightly melted double cheddar, and Italian flatbread with tomato and mozzarella.

The truffle potato croquette with a creamy onion dip is made crispy and aromatic, which also served as a platter with Crispy Pollock with tartar sauce and Overnight-braised Pork Collar-butt with rocket & gravy. Our favourite goes to the boneless chicken wing stuffed with a surprising wonton filling that comes with a sweet and sticky apricot glaze.

Moving on to desserts, each is paired with a selected JM dessert cocktails.
The deconstructed cheesecake has Baileys cream cheese, biscuit crumbs, garnished with chocolate frozen foam and assorted berries, best to pair with the signature Alice the Wonderland.

The salted caramel cheesecake is paired with Just Yours, a mix of apple, peach, elderflower syrup and sprite, whereas the chocolate lava cake is paired with Before Sunset, a gin based cocktail with homemade osmanthus syrup, set aside a delicious Grand Marnier Cordon vanilla ice cream.

Finally, the mini pavlova with fruits and berries is to pair with Raspberry Tea Party, a raspberry infused earl grey tea mixed with cranberry and pineapple cream.

The bar opens daily, love its powerful vibe, to enjoy a chill and relaxing late night.

Jerry Maguire

Cocktail & Dessert Bar

Golden Truffle Croquette
With golden-brown onion dip


Stuffed Chicken Wings
With apricot-glazed

Jerry Maguire Cheesecake Crunch
Hazelnut Baileys cheesecake with crunch biscuits, top with dark Baileys chocolate frozen foam

Golden Snow
Cheesecake with spun sugar & golden leaf, planting with salted caramel art & cotton candy ball

Choco Late
Chocolate lava pudding with Grand Marnier Cordon vanilla gel, Nutella soil & brandy snap

Mix berries, strawberry, passion fruit

Alice the Wonderland
Mint leaf, pineapple juice & elderflower with magic mushroom candy

Before Sunset
EG gin, EG tea, Cointreau, apple juice, JM homemade osmanthus, syrup

Jerry Maguire
Address: 23 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2881 5008
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-02:00 ; Sat 11:00-02:00 ; Sun 11:00-23:00
Website: /

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