Lobby Lounge & The Cake Shop – Bits & Bites At MO Macau

To spend a leisure afternoon, the Lobby Lounge of Mandarin Oriental Macau would be ideal for having some light bites. It is an inviting environment featuring both Asian and Western cuisines, included an extensive drink menu such as premium loose leaf tea, coffee and chocolate, champagne and wine. In the mid-afternoon, they also serve traditional 3-tiers afternoon tea.

The caesar salad is a typical one, combining grilled chicken, poached egg, croutons, chorizo, shaved parmesan cheese and a caesar salad dressing.

Some Malaysian favourites are the claypot herbal soup with a rich broth, pork ribs and belly, serves aside Chinese fried dough and a bowl of steamed rice; the laksa is delectable with a coconut milk based soup, round egg noodle and generous serving of shrimp and tofu puffs.

I would recommend trying the Hainanese chicken rice. This three-in-one dish is typically famous at MO Hong Kong, serves as perfectly poached bone-in chicken that is juicy, tender, and has a silky smooth skin, along with a bowl of flavorful chicken rice, and one-of-its-kind-chili sauce, dark soy and ginger puree.

We finish our delightful meal with four cakes from the patisserie right next to the lounge, the Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop.

While the interestingly looking pineapple and coriander cake tastes more on pineapple, I love the vanilla rice pudding and strawberry charlotte, which is a combination of strawberry mouse, pistachio sponge and berry compote.

Last but not the least, the hazelnut chocolate mousse with passionfruit is a special highlight for this Autumn.

After all, we are pleased to bring home some gift hampers including a pack of macarons and homemade chocolate!

Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha
凍朱古力, 凍摩卡

Chicken Caesar Salad
Chourico sausage, baby romaine, parmesan cheese & croutons
葡式香腸, 嫩羅蔓生菜, 巴馬臣芝士及麵包粒

Malaysian Chinese herbal soup
Braised pork ribs, belly, Chinese croissant & steamed rice
排骨, 豬腩肉, 炸油條及絲苗白飯

Singaporean Laksa
Egg noodle in tangy coconut curry broth with prawns

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Poached free range chicken served with aromatic chicken rice, Asian greens, lime chili sauce, soy & ginger sauce
時菜, 辣椒青檸汁, 豉油及薑蓉

All Day Menu

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop

The Vanilla

Strawberry Charlotte

Pineapple & Coriander

The Autumn Legend

Macaroon, Chocolate
意式蛋白杏仁小圓餅, 朱古力

Lobby Lounge at Mandarin Oriental, Macau 大堂酒廊
Telephone: +853 8805 8938
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30-23:00
Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/macau/fine-dining/lobby-lounge/

Mandarin Oriental Cake Shop 文華東方餅店
Telephone: +853 8805 8948
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30-21:30
Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/macau/fine-dining/mandarin-cake-shop

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