Author’s Lounge – Favourite Afternoon Tea in MO Bangkok

While planning my Bangkok itinerary, the most looked forward is the afternoon tea at the Mandarin Oriental. Stepping into the famous Author’s Lounge, it is a beautifully decorated white house set in the original Mandarin Oriental building, which was built in the 1870s.

Imagine a wall of black and white photographs of the old Thailand and royal family, this place is always a celebrity and wedding party favourite in Asia.

The tea set starts from early afternoon 12pm, for which is classified between Western and the Oriental set, plus an additional vegetarian set. Both comes with a list of signature brewed teas, pastries, savouries and classic scones.

It begins with two scoops of delicious lime sorbet and lemon sorbet, so refreshing to start off the meal. As we opt for one of each set, so we basically try all of them. The plain and raisin scones are rightly done even though are lacking a bit of crumbly and butteriness, whereas the mango scone is still warm and tastes something out of ordinary. All served with clotted cream, mango and a notably luscious rose petal jam.

For the Oriental set, we love the lime crabmeat sandwich, fried vermicelli cup, pandan coconut crepe and mango sticky rice tartlets; for the Western set, there are the green asparagus in clear tomato aspic on white sourdough, smoked salmon open faced sandwich and raspberry caramel eclair that we enjoyed. We finish with a cup of earl grey tea with milk and is given a complimentary box of mini chocolate. How lovely!

After all, this afternoon tea at the Author’s Lounge surely deserves a special mention!

Author’s Lounge

The Lounge

Western Afternoon Tea Set, The Oriental Afternoon Tea Set

Classic Lemon Sorbet, Refreshing Lime & Ginger Sorbet

Warm Traditional Plain & Raisin Scones, Plain & Thai Mango Scone
Seasonal selection of home-made jams, devonshire clotted cream, mascarpone or Butter

A Selection of Savouries & Pastries
Lemongrass, chili, lime marinated crabmeat sandwich, Minced chicken, chili & black olive sandwich, Mini Thai curry puff, Fried vermicelli in a pastry cup, Pineapple & guava salad, Prawn toast with spicy Thai crab salad & cucumber, Laab Ped in a crispy Thai cone, Wing bean salad with chicken & prawns in betal leaves, Rice cracker with dried shrimp, chili & spring onion
Jackfruit custard, Kanom Tarn with fresh coconut, Assorted Thai Marzipan, Mango tartlet with vanilla cream, Candy bale fruit chiffon cake, Sai Mai Thai pancake roll with candy sugar, Homemade green tea praline

A Selection of Finger Sandwiches & Pastries
Green asparagus tips in clear tomato aspic on white sourdough, Boiled egg & mayonnaise tea sandwich on parsley brioche, Smoked ham, sun dried tomato & honey dew melon, Chicken & spinach friand, Open faced smoked salmon, sour cream & chive, Roulade of honey glazed ham & cheese, Cucumber, cream cheese & diill on oat bread
English fruit cake & soft orange chiffon cake, Thyme & strawberry cream, Pineapple – fennel macaron, Chocolate sable, Raspberry & caramel eclair, Green apple cream & lime biscuit

Earl Grey with Milk

Mandarin Oriental Chocolate

Author’s Lounge
Address: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Telephone: +66 (2) 659 9000
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-18:00


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