TGIF Market – Thank God It’s Flea Market!

TGIF (i.e. Thank God It’s a Flea) Market, is a back-to-school themed flea market happening only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, held at Fragrant Park, BTS Thonglor station.

It begins with some Instagram shops opening in a large space, including a lot of local fashion vendors selling fashionable clothing, hats, iPhone cases, accessories and even DIY cups and bottles, while bringing together popular food trucks on the other side of the park to form a playful and unique F&B section.

There are burgers, grilled cheese, kebab, poutine fries, cold pressed juice, Korean fried chicken, fresh oysters, churros, Japanese shaved ice, Italian soda and even s’mores!

Check out their Instagram page @tgifmarket for the most up-to-date location.


The Market

Food Area

Chocolate Shaved Ice

Dolly Churro Choco Almond

Cheese Bomb & Fries from Say Cheese Fries

Little Nile Kebab

S’mores In A Jar from s’mores world

Fruity Lover Italian Soda from Chamaa Cafe

Japanese Shaved Ice

TGIF Market
Address: Fragrant Park, BTS Thonglor Exit 2
Opening Hours: Fri-Sun 13:00-23:00
Website: /

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