Gaggan – Asia’s Best & World’s 50 Best Restaurant!

Ranked as the Asia’s Best Restaurant and one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurant, Restaurant Gaggan is a fine-dining place where serves deconstructed and unexpectedly dramatic Indian cuisine. It is named after the owner and head chef Gaggan Anand, who has years of experience at El Bulli and progressively developing his culinary skills to make his restaurant one of the best in the whole of Asia.

Here offers one menu of the day, which includes a list of appetizers, mains and desserts with one-of-a-kind names. Starting from a pickled plum soda, it is a so refreshing and surprises further come with a spoonful of yogurt explosion, an edible plastic bag carrying wasabi spiced nuts, a bomb of mango juice and powdery curry cookies.

I am fascinated by the Chef’s philosophy, which is to stay true with traditional flavor but in a modern and fun molecular approach, as the menu follows with spicy pork with crispy potato noodle, chocolate cracker with chicken liver pate, a deletable piece of grilled eel on plantain chip, and finally mango ice cream cone topped with fresh uni.

A surprise from Chef Gaggan is a charcoal-like croquette made with sea bass, mashed potato, onion and curry powder, a magic mushroom that is possibly the best mushroom dish I have ever had in life.

Red matcha means tomato soup with fresh tomato, plum grape; while the tandoori lamb chop is so perfectly tender and succulent (noted that I am not a fan of lamb, no never!).

We have a big plate of dessert, peach snowball, aka melba ice, served with crystal-like ginger snow, fresh Japanese white peach and crushed nuts. Wow!

Finally, we are pleased with Chef’s childhood favourite mango ice cream lollies, incredible petit fours of carrot ice cream macaron, rice cracker and a cup of spring water as a final blessing.

This is truly the worthiest visit I have ever made!


Gaggan Restaurant

Bites – “Please eat it with your hands”

Pickled Plums Soda

Yogurt Explosion

Edible Plastic Spiced Nuts

Edible Plastic Spiced Nuts

Idly Sambhar

Aam Ka Panna

Uncooked Curry Cookie

Pork Vindaloo

Black Forest Gateau

Chocolate Cracker, Chicken Liver, Berry Compote, Edible Flower

Khakra Eel Sandwich

Mango Uni Sundae

Be surprised! We won’t tell you what it is

Sea Bass, Potato, Onion, Curry, Bamboo

Magic Mushroom
Forest mushrooms in the shape of a log, edible soil & the garden

Red Matcha

Tea Ceremony with Wagashi of Tomatoes & Fruits, & Hot Tomato Shorba

Indian celebration design with tandoori lamb chops

New Zealand Lamb Chop

I Want My Curry!!!

Chicken Kofta Curry, Minced Lamb Masala, Rice & Bread Selection

Peach Snowball

Japanese Summer Peach, Ginger Snow, & Peach Melba Ice Chutney

Mango Duet Lollipop
My favourite childhood ice-cream recreated to a bite

Infusion of Sandalwood Earthy Roots

Carrot Ice Cream Macaron

Spirit Water

Address: 68/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Bangkok, 10330
Telephone: +66 (2) 652 1700
Opening Hours: Mon-SUn 13:00-21:00
Website: /

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