Maygori – Kakigori at theCOMMONS

Maygori is a new kakigori dessert cafe set at the new hit spot theCOMMONS. It is an extended brand of After You Dessert Cafe, providing a small yet amazing menu of Japanese shaved ice with specific, delicate and scrumptiously flavors.
Thinks like Japanese plum, berry yogurt, yuzu and my most anticipated flavor, milo!

The milo kakigori has a thick layer of malted chocolate, milk syrup, and fluffy sponge cake at the bottom. It is like drinking a very chocolately malted milk with some more lightly whipped cream on top to become the perfect complement. Best thing to finish our brunch!


The Cafe

Kakigori Cafe

Milo / Jumba

Chocolate Malt, Pink Milk

Maygori at The Commons
Address: Maygori, The Commons, Thonglor Soi 17, Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +66(0)2-185-2519
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00

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