Nakamura Tokichi 中村藤吉香港店 – A Matcha Spot at Mira Mall

Following the pop-up store at Pacific Place, Nakamura Tokichi is finally re-opening a cafe at Mira Mall. The new spot is extremely popular where you should expect a a list of matcha and houjicha items such as soft serve cone, chiffon cakes, jelly, warabimochi, sweetened green tea float, shaved ice and even savouries like soba noodle.

First comes a combination of everything, a scoop of matcha ice cream, light and fluffy matcha and houjicha chiffon cakes, dango and red bean paste.

We like the matcha houjicha soft cream better which set on top of the humongous shaved ice, served aside matcha syrup and houjicha syrup respectively.

The limited edition strawberry parfait is a mix of prominent strawberry cream, sakura purees, matcha soft cream and fresh strawberries; there are also puffed rice and delicious matcha jelly to complete the layers.

Overall, I like the matcha jelly, soft serve and shaved ice the most!

Kyo no Fukiyose

Uji Kin Ice

Matcha & Houjicha
抹茶 & 焙茶

Japanese Shaved Ice, Matcha & Houjicha Soft Cream, Matcha & Houjicha Syrup, Red Bean, Dango
宇治刨冰, 抹茶焙茶軟雪糕, 抹茶焙茶糖漿, 紅豆蓉, 丸子

Limited Maruto Strawberry Parfait

Nakamura Tokichi 中村藤吉香港店
Address: Shop 3005-3009, 3/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2156 1168
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Website: /

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