Classic Cafe 老爺冰室 – The Reciprocal of HK-Style Cafe

“Bing sutts” used to be high-end places to go in the early days of Hong Kong. They serve most classic items on the menu such as eggs, toast, sandwiches, macaroni and milk tea. As time goes by, the popularity of these cafes still last but many of them are having a change on the typical standard food.

Classic Cafe is one of the latest ones located at Shum Shui Po. The windowless cafe is so crowded from day to night, serving comfort foods in a their own creative and modern way.

Some favourites are the chicken wings cooked with a sweet Swiss sauce, fluffy scrambled egg topped with black truffle paste that is served on thick toast. The Hong Kong-style french toast is also fried perfectly golden-brown, completed with melted butter and yuzu honey.

Instead of having a bowl of typical macaroni in tomato soup, we have this instant noodle baked in a lovely cheese sauce which comes with tender pork chops.

And finally, their drink list is definitely worth mentioning including the everyone’s favourite red bean ice with vanilla ice cream, iced coffee made with real coffee ice cubes, the malt chocolate drink Ovaltine is garnished with a piece of fancy macaron and chocolate coco crunch.

Classic Cafe

Classic Swiss Wings

Black Truffle & Scrambled Egg on Toast

Yuzu Honey French Toast

Ham Omelette with Black Truffle & Cheese

Ham & Cheese Omelette, Butter Toast
芝士火腿奄列, 牛油厚多士

Pork Chop with Cheese on Instant Noodle

Classic Red Bean Ice with Ice Cream, Ovaltine with Macaron & Koko Krunch
懷舊雪糕紅豆冰, 馬卡龍飛仔華田

Iced Cube Coffee

Classic Cafe 老爺冰室
Address: G/F, 234 Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2898 4398
Opening Hours: Mon-SUn 07:00-22:00

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