God Of Sushi 壽司之神 – Our Omakase Night!

At God of Sushi on Ma Tin Road in Yuen Long, it is a contemporary restaurant offering a great extent of sushi, sashimi, Japanese bites and omakase.

There are three different omakase meals priced at $700, $800 and $1000, each is wholly customized by the chef David Man, starting from an appetizer, sashimi, sushi, grilled dish, depending on seasonal ingredients, with a soup of the day and dessert.

First comes an excellent Japanese greenhouse-grown tomato, served whole with sweet and tart flavors blending magically and topped with onion puree. Another appetizer would be crunchy bitter melon slices dressed with a tungent wasabi mayo.

An impressive giant oyster follows, with fatty and toothy texture, rich flavor and complemented with citrus sauce.

We move on to a sashimi platter. Every one of them are so fresh and delicious, whilst our favourites are the seasonal Isaki fish, lightly torched red snapper and of course, chutoro!

The meal goes on with some sushi selections, such as squid, white shrimp from Toyama Japan and mackerel. Consider I’m a big fan of both the sea urchin and salmon roe, the two did not disappoint us at all. Fresh, plus a good amount of sushi rice wrapped in the crunchy nori.

It is worth mentioning that the sides on the sushi plate including the fresh yam and pickled ginger are great for cleansing the palate between each type of sushi.

We also have a salt-grilled sweetfish and some really nicely fresh-made tempura, finish with a fish soup (the Chef recommends adding a pinch of wasabi, spring onion, ginger puree to taste), and two scoops of ice cream.

It has been one of my best omakase experiences in Hong Kong!

Shizuoka Tomato

Okinawa Bitter Melon Salad

Hokkaido Oyster

Geoduck with Rock Salt, Red Snapper, Sea Bream, Hamachi, Isaki, Chutoro
岩鹽象拔蚌, 金目鯛, 立魚, 油甘魚, 伊佐木, 拖羅

Red Wine Shallot, Fresh Yam, Pickled Ginger
紅酒蕎頭, 鮮淮山, 醃子薑

Squid Sushi

Toyama Bay White Shrimp

Shiro Ebi Sushi


Mackerel Sushi

Kamaishi Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin

Uni Gunkan-maki

Uni Gunkan-maki Sushi


Ikura Gunkan-maki

Grilled Ayu

Assorted Tempura
Pumpkin, sweet potato, soba, shrimp, sardine, maitake mushroom, onion
南瓜, 蕃薯, 素麵, 大蝦, 沙甸魚, 舞茸, 洋蔥

Seasonal Fish Soup

Yuzu Sorbet, Green Tea Ice Cream
柚子雪芭, 綠茶雪糕

God Of Sushi 壽司之神
Address: Shop 7, G/F, On Ning Building, 20-30B Ma Tin Road, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2178 3163
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/%E5%AF%BF%E5%8F%B8%E3%81%AE%E7%A5%9E-220034608183798/?fref=ts


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