DONDONYA SHOKUDO 丼丼屋 – Japanese Donburi & Sundae

DONDONYA is a casual Japanese dining house specialized in serving Japanese donburi, aka rice bowl. It is managed by the Maxim’s Group when opened its first store at Elements, the DONDONYA HONTEN, and then expand to a relatively large market covering both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon side.

The concept is fruitfully attractive, with a selection of don including the typical chicken and egg, Japanese curry with cutlet and sashimi.

The combination of creamy mashed potato and gooey cheese is to die for, covered by breadcrumbs and deep-fried as a cake croquette. We also love the egg roll that has been stuffed with layers of cheese and mentaiko, despite it is not particularly fluffy.

The Unimeshi don is s seasonal dish, with flavored rice topped with Ikura (i.e. salmon roe) and sea urchin.

Surprisingly, our favourite part of the meal goes to the two sundeas, strawberry and uji kintoki. The soft serve is excellently silky, smooth, has a strong milk flavor. Both comes with caramel popcorns but the matcha one has some more red bean paste and dango (i.e. mini rice balls).

Deep-fried Potato & Cheese Croquette

Melted Cheese, Mashed Potato
半溶芝士, 薯蓉

Egg Rolls with Mentaiko & Cheese

Unimeshi Don

Uji Kintoki Sundae, Strawberry Sundae
宇治金時新地, 草莓新地

Address: North Point Shop U8-9 & U30, UG/F, Fitfort, 560 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3591 9240
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-22:30
Website: /

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