Via Tokyo – Introducing Kakigori at TST

I’ve always enjoyed Via Tokyo’s matcha desserts until recently, that have expanded their product line to Tsim Sha Tsui, where is comparatively more spacious and cafe-style.

Introducing a series of new kakigori, Japanese shaved ice.

There are Houjicha Espuma Kakigori, Uji Matcha Espuma Kakigori, Caramel Kakigori and Sakura Kakigori with Gyuhi Mochi & Sakura Anko.

We go for the caramel flavor. It has crunchy caramel clusters, smooth shaved ice topped with more caramel sauce, amazingly thick and creamy Japanese fresh cream, and even more caramel sauce! Divine!

Another exclusive item at TST branch is the royal milk tea soft serve. It comes as a parfait with everything from the bottom to top, coffee jelly, again that creamy fresh cream, the silky and dense milk tea ice cream, the milk tea flavor is pretty strong that we have loved it as much as the kakigori.

Caramel & Cream Kakigori

Caramelized Sliced Almonds, Home-made Caramel Sauce, Fukuoka Caramel Sauce, Fukuoka 35% Rich Cream
焦糖杏仁, 焦糖醬, 福岡焦糖醬, 厚忌廉

Royal Milk Tea Parfait

Via Tokyo TST
Address: G/F, 29A Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2385 6388
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12:00-23:00 ; Fri-Sat: 12:00-23:30

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