Little Creatures – A Passionate Brewery

Following the well establishment in Oz, Little Creatures the Aussie brewery has recently opened up in Kennedy Town.

The massive 6,000sq. ft. space has an industrial feel with an open kitchen, a bar and a very high ceiling to hold the five hectoliter brewing tanks. It is where the beer is fermented, filtered and poured, after the living yeast (i.e. Little Creatures) reacts with sugar to give these beautiful beers.

It starts with a Bright Ale, a refreshingly balanced Australian ale with a subtle, malty and fruity aroma.
Next is Pale Ale, my favourite. A classic American ale that pairs best with pizzas, burgers and grilled meats. Then it’s a house brew and Rogers’ Amber Ale, smooth, silky and malty.
Moving on India Pale Ale, a pretty strong one and finally White Ale from White Rabe Brewery, also known as a Belgium style white beer.

Little Creatures is not only passionate about crafting fresh, distinctive, well-balanced beers. They are also offering all-day and big bite options for the neighborhood, starting with some healthy small plates such as bruschetta with sweet fresh tomatoes, avocado mash with crispy tortilla and a blown-away grilled halloumi salad. There are also mini sliders with fairly alright beef patties, excellently sweet quinoa-packed corn on the cobs, and mac & cheese on the side. The best side-dish of the night goes to Hand Cut Frites with Truffle Mayo.

There are also options of pizza, pasta, but I do prefer the tender and juicy grilled whole chicken with tasty mustard sauce, and the medium-grilled ribeye with a good marbling of fat.

To end on a sweet note, the caramelized upside-down pear tart with rich and creamy pistachio ice cream is definitely satisfying.

Little Creature’s Kitchen

That Little Creature

The Restaurant

Citron Presse

Bright Ale, Pale Ale, House Brew, Rogers’ Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, White Ale

Beer Tasting

Sharing Plates, Small & Large Plates, Greens, Breads & Buns, Pizza, Pasta & Rice

Heirloom tomatoes, olive, basil, parmesan

Smash Avocado Bowl
Crispy tortilla, tomato, coriander

Grilled Halloumi
Peppers, pomegranate molasses, oregano leaves

Organic Quinoa Salad
Lemon, parsley, fennel

Angus Beef Sliders
House pickles, truffle mayo

Corn On The Cob
Toasted quinoa, spiced mayo

Corn On The Cob, Angus Beef Sliders

Mac & Cheese
Truffle, herb crust

Basil pesto, parmesan, onions

Bacon, fennel, sage, provolone

Serrano Ham
Rocket, parsley, black pepper, pecorino

Basil pesto, oven dried tomatoes, parmesan

Steamed Blue Mussels
White wine, thyme, parsley butter

Grilled Whole Spring Chicken
Mustard sauce, caramelized lemon, cashew

Grass Fed Rib Eye
Pea shoots, chimichuri sauce

Pear Tart Topped with Pistachio Ice Cream

Little Creatures
Address: 5A New Praya, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2833 5611
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:00-23:00
Website: /


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