Igloo Dessert Bar – Artisan Gelato x Delicious Ice Pop

Before hopping on to the iconic Star Ferry toward the other side of Hong Kong Island, I would like you to stop at the outer corner of Pier 7, and look for the word “Igloo”. It is lately the best ice cream shop on my list.

Offering artisan gelato, delicious soft serve and homemade ice lollies, they make everything in house with all natural ingredients and New Zealand fresh whole milk. The flavors are also mind-blowing with new varieties popping up each week, such as banana gelato with peanut butter & strawberry jam, salted caramel gelato with toasted almond, lemongrass and ginger gelato, strawberry cheesecake gelato and honey gelato with honeycomb toffee crunch!
Daily soft serve flavors, for example, are black sesame, HK milk tea or frozen yogurt.

Horlicks gelato is one of the best I have tried. The creamy goodness instantly melts on the tongue, with delicious Maltesers crunch, it is unbeatable.
Same for the cucumber, lime and basil ice pop. I can literally tastes cucumber bits and the addition of basil makes it an excellent refreshment!

I am highly recommending Igloo’s gelato to everyone!

Igloo Dessert Bar

Homemade Gelato

Todays’ Specials
Horlicks gelato, Ovaltine gelato

Ice Pops

Cucumber, Lime & Basil
青瓜, 青檸, 羅勒

Apple Pie Gelato, Horlicks Gelato with Maltesers Crunch
蘋果派, 好立克麥提莎

Igloo at Pier 7

Igloo Dessert Bar
Address: Shop C, G/F, Pier 7, Star Ferry, N/A Central District, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2656 3318
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30-22:30
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Igloodessertbar

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