Chillazy Dessert 糖室 – Chill & Eat Dessert!

Set at the public housing estate of Shek Kip Mei, Chillazy is a new dessert place following the success of their first concept shop in Kwun Tong. There is a hammock and a few outdoor seats at the storefront, where is set right next to a dai pai dong.

The menu features some unique and local sweet treats with a twist, such as lemon biscuit lava cake, matcha soufflé, and a list of splendid shaved ice.

Placed in front of the stools are three shaved ices.
The Uji matcha with condensed milk is so rich and prominent, with chewy homemade warabimochi, almond tofu-like jelly, honeycombs, Hokkaido milk ice cream.

The soy flour is a sweeter version in comparison, with warabimochi, refreshing osmanthus jelly and lusciously rich coffee ice cream in the middle.

The rose and lychee is probably the personal best because it is sour with hint of lychee flavor and rose aroma. The lychee mochi ice ream and white peach yogurt ice cream are so well cooperated too.

My favourite is no doubt a raspberry soufflé with an Oreo crust. Despite it takes slightly more than 20 minutes to wait, it is so worth trying. Soft and fluffy, perfectly sweet and well balanced with fresh raspberries in the middle. The oreo crunch are nevertheless a bit soggy.

Finally, to warm up the sweetness, we ordered a typical pumpkin soup with great amount of pumpkin puree, black glutinous rice, silky beancurd and evaporated milk to serve on the side.

Chillazy Dessert

Dessert Cafe

Chillazy’s Menu

Uji Matcha Shaved Ice
紫薯粒, 手製抹茶蕨餅, 白涼粉, 煉奶, 北海道牛乳雪糕
Japanese Brown Sugar, Soy Flour Shaved Ice
桂花蒟蒻, 黃豆蕨餅, 黃豆粉, 白玉丸子, 炭燒咖啡雪糕

Rose & Lychee Shaved Ice
白桃蒟蒻, 玫瑰花瓣, 玉米片, 荔枝雪米糍, 白桃乳酪雪糕

Raspberry Souffle Tart (Oreo Based)

Raspberry, Souffle, Oreo Crust
覆盤子, 梳乎厘, 奧利奧餅底

Black Glutinous Rice with Pumpkin & Tofu

Pumpkin Puree, Black Glutinous Rice, Tofu Pudding, Evaporated Milk
南瓜露, 紫米, 豆花, 花奶

Chillazy Dessert 糖室
Address: Shop C4, Cooked Food Stall, Nam Shan Estate Shopping Center Podium, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong
Telephone: 5260 8053
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 13:00-21:00 ; Sat-Sun: 12:00-22:00
Website: /

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