Hoi Yat Heen 海逸軒 – A Family Get Together

Recognized for savory Cantonese dim sum and the lovely view over the Hong Kong Victoria Harbor, Hoi Yat Heen at Harbour Plaza North Point has been honoured Silver Award in the Dim Sum Category in “Best of the Best Culinary Awards” by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.  The space is located at the third floor of the hotel, with a banquet style, serving Cantonese fare as well as Sichuan, Shanghai and Yunnan cuisines.

For this Mid Autumn Festival, we come for the first time as a family get together and to celebrate also our mom’s old calendar birthday.

The set dinner starts with a platter of barbecue meats, where we have roasted goose, soy sauce chicken and the excellently juicy and succulent barbecue pork. It is doubtlessly one of the signatures here.
The baked crab shell is deep fried and coated with a layer of golden breadcrumb, stuffed with generous crabmeat but would be better as if it is a little too mushy.

I usually find fish maw being served with goose leg at Chinese restaurant, but the chef has braised it unusually with minced shrimp stuffing, very soft and flavorful.
The double boiled soup is very heartwarming, while the fresh garoupa is cooked in two styles, one being stir fried with broccoli and another steamed with garlic and scallion.
The deep-fried chicken is especially enjoyable; the skin is purely crispy, not too fatty and perfect for a plate to share.

We are stuffed by the time the fried rice arrived, but certainly couldn’t miss the sweet walnut soup with sesame dumpling and steamed lotus birthday bun to complete our full moon and family celebration.

Hoi Yat Heen

Hoi Yat Heen

Chinese Barbecued Meat Platter

Signature BBQ Pork

Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Crab Meat

Baked Lobster in Supreme Soup Served with E-fu Noodle

Pan-fried Fish Maw with Shrimp Mousse in Abalone Sauce

Double-boiled Sea Conch Soup with Dried Cordyceps Flower & Conpoy

Sautéed Garoupa Fillet with Broccoli

Steamed Garoupa Head & Brisket with Garlic

Braised Crab Meat & Crab Roe with Mushroom & Seasonal Vegetable

Deep-fried Crispy Chicken Glazed with Crispy Skin

Fried Rice with Preserved Vegetable & Shrimp

Sweetened Walnut Cream with Glutinous Rice Ball

Sesame Dumpling

Coconut Split Pea Pudding

 Longevity Peach Bun

Hoi Yat Heen Chinese Restaurant 海逸軒中餐廳
Address: 3/F, Harbour Plaza North Point, 665 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2185 2788
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30 ; Sat-Sun 11:00-14:30, 18:00-22:30
Website: http://www.harbour-plaza.com / https://www.facebook.com/hpnp.hk

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