Paradis – French-inspired Caribbean Gastronomy

This French-inspired Caribbean restaurant is newly set on Wyndham Street at Central.

Paradis, a restaurant and cocktail bar, recognized for its colonial-style interior, forest green decor and rustic wallpaper across the dining room, where took up the space of the previous L’Entrecote de Paris. Featuring a blend of Caribbean-French focused dishes, there are small starters, mains and desserts from savory to sweet.

Start from a loaf of homemade buttery focaccia served with a delightful chicken liver pate and lemon thyme butter. An interestingly refreshing red oak salad follows, made with pine nuts, chunks of Italian blue cheese and dehydrated pineapple profiled by a mango vinaigrette, along with clams & crabmeat in lobster broth. I particularly love the semi-solid summer corn cooked with yellow saffron, set underneath the plump scallop and mini gnocchi; as well as the classic beef tartare with annatto seed and a raw Japanese egg yolk. After all, I think it is well-seasoned though is teeny tiny tad bit salty; alongside a bowl of irresistible truffle hand cut fries.

Coming to the mains, we loved the grilled whole lobster which has been beautifully plated, with complements of grilled corn, spring onion and a scrumptious mango cream; whilst the pork presa is definitely one of the juiciest cut I have ever had.

Fish of the day is a piece of grilled hamachi fillet, and also the duck breast that comes with duck-fat roasted potatoes, has a perfectly crispy top.

To end the meal, there are a mix of chocolate texture – rich chocolate ganache, praline mousse, brownie cookie and the most loved brandy ice cream; peach parfait with a wacky but nice goat cheese ice cream; pastry trio, where I like the basil semifreddo the most; and some sorbets to complete our sweet palates. Additionally, the mango chutney on the cheese assortment definitely worths a mention too.

Cocktail Bar

Hand-crafted Cocktail

Amuse Bouche
Sun-dried tomato, shrimp, cracker

Homemade Focaccia

Chicken Liver Pate, Lemon Thyme Butter

Lobster Broth
Roasted tomato, leek, clam & crab

Red Oak Salad
Pine nut, gorgonzola, grilled pineapple & mango vinaigrette

Seared Scallop
Summer corn, saffron, spinach & gnocchi

Beef Tartare
Handcut french fries, annatto seed, crostini & egg yolk

Japanese Egg, Crostini

Handcut French Fries with Truffles

Jerk-Roasted Pork Presa
Sunchoke, rainbow chard & thyme jus

Market Fish (Hamachi)
Annatto soubise, mushrooms, pea & pea shoot salad, with dill citronette

Grilled Whole Lobster
Grilled corn, english peas, mango cream & grilled scallion

Duck Breast
Beetroot, pickle, crushed potato & haricot vert

Refresher Cocktails

Chocolate Hazelnut Warm Ganache
Praline creme mousseline, brownie cookie & spiced brandy ice-cream

Pastry Trio
Miniature chocolate cheese tart, basil semifredo & lemon lavender pate a choux

Lemon Lavender Pate a Choux

Peach Parfait
Honeycake goat cheese sorbet, blueberry & red plum

Seasonal Artisan Cheese Assortment

Assorted Sorbets

Red Wine Strawberry, Peach & Basil, Lemon

Paradis Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
Address: 3/F, Winning Centre, 46–48 Wyndham Street, Central, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3182 0105
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-14:30 ; 18:00-23:00
Website: /


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