Artisan Room – The Coffee & Tea Concept

Artisan Room is always the go-to coffee shop around Sai Wan. With an alfresco dining style and relaxing vibe, the area is pretty spacious where coffees are tailor-made and pastries are prepared straight from the glass-fronted cafe. Lately, they have extended its opening time from 5:30PM to 10PM to introduce an artisanal coffee and tea concept.

The Coffee-Tea-Bar will feature a series of coffee-and-tea-themed mocktails, as well as traditional snacks in collaboration with Chan Yee Jai, a local brand renowned for its handmade products fashioned with exceptional craftsmanship. Think like almond cookie, sesame cracker, beef jerky and more. There are also some wine-pairing food where we absolutely love the smoked cheese that is perfectly smoky, mild and teared off strips by strips.

The friendly bartender has also made us some special mocktails, one with Chinese orange peel-infused syrup, and another with a pear base and luscious jasmine foam.

Finally, it’s never too late to try Artisan Room’s signature eclairs. The banoffee, as usual, filled with a light banana custard, whilst the garlic basil is unexceptionally delectable, with savoury garlic taste and notes of basil.

Selection From Chan Yee Jai Since 1927, Chili & Lime Caramel Popcorn

Deep-fried Dough in Oyster Sauce

Smoked & Non-smoked Cheese

Smoked Cheese

Pear Syrup

Jasmine Foam

Dehydrated Pear

Madame Jasmine
Pear juice, jasmine tea syrup, Bergamot puree, jasmine foam

Chenpi Spritz
Chenpi syrup, blood orange puree, lime juice, soda

Signature Eclairs


Garlic Basil

Artisan Room
Address: 8-12 South Lane, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2656 3198
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 07:30-22:00
Website: /


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