Day and Nite by Master Kama – Lobster Everything!

Lately, the lobster master from Causeway Bay, Master Kama, has opened a new outlet here at Shan Tung Street, where is nestled in a commercial building holding two floors in Mongkok.

They continue to serve up Japanese and Western style cuisines, featuring their signature Canadian lobster dishes such as lobster roll with double French fries and grilled whole lobster.

The new concept focuses on two different menus available during day time and night time.
For day menu, we have a lobster grilled cheese sandwiches which has been toasted golden brown, filled with amazing melted cheese and chopped lobster meat, served with fries on the side.

For night menu, there are sea urchin and crabmeat spaghetti with cream sauce, buttery lobster roll with some extra lemon butter, and the very loved lobster mac & cheese made with al dente penne pasta, served in a cast iron skillet, it is particularly scrumptious.

The restaurant also offers a variety of desserts, including green tea lava cake and made-to-order soufflé, as well as a huge list of drinks from smoothie, ice slush to coffee and cocktail! I love the milk soft serve that tastes somewhat similar to mobile softee, and the Mr Coffeemal smoothie made with caramel, coffee and ice cream.

Day and Nite by Master Kama

Master Kama

Day and Nite Menu

Lava Cheese Lobster Sandwiches (Fries & Salad)

Lava Cheese

Urchin Cream Sauce Crab Meat Spaghetti

Urchin Cream Sauce

Lobster Roll
Served with French fries & lemon butter

Lobster Mac N Cheese
龍蝦芝士 Mac N Cheese

Penne Pasta

Earl Grey Soufflé
Served with ice-cream

Earl Grey Soufflé with Soft Cream

Mr Coffeemal, Mint-Lemonade
Caramel & coffee flavor, dreamer smoothie
Mint & lemon flavor, freshly slush

Day and Nite by Master Kama
Address: 1 & 2/F, 50 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Telephone: 3106 0900
Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 12:00-23:00 ; Fri-Sun 12:00-23:30

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