I’s Land Cafe – A Nature-Themed Cafe

I’s Land Cafe is a hidden gem behind the industrial area, Kwun Tong. It is also an extremely spacious nature-themed area, with a vibrant, bright and welcoming setting that is perfect for casual dining, private functions and definitely for large parties.

Arriving in mid afternoon, we found the popular English tea set available, as well as a dinner set menu, a list of desserts, delicate cakes and gourmet coffee, not to mention the healthy smoothies and house-recommended flower teas.

We start by sharing a small plate of buffalo wings made with classic barbecue sauce, well blended and intensified, but the wings are not hot enough when served.
Follow by a set dinner that comes with garlic bread and daily tomato soup, the risotto is cooked al dente in a creamy white sauce, with assorted seafoods including a scallop, large prawn, smoked salmon and crabmeat. Still, it is only lukewarm.

Fortunately, we finish with a few better desserts. You can’t go wrong with a s’mores dip, baked in a cast iron skillet with toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate to serve on tea biscuits.
The oreo pot is basically oreo crumbles with two scoops of lychee sorbet; strawberry waffle, unusually crunchy with a custard filling, Hokkaido milk and sesame ice cream to serve on the side.

Overall, the quality is average but I am impressed with the positive vibes of the cafe.

I’s Land Cafe

Classic Buffalo Chicken Wings

Crab Meat Risotto with Red Shrimp, Scallops & Salmon


Rainbow Bubbles Spa

Marshmallow, Chocolate, Marie Biscuit
棉花糖, 朱古力, 瑪莉餅

Oreo Ice Cream Pot
Yogurt, lychee sorbet, stone chocolate
乳酪, 荔枝雪芭, 石頭朱古力

Strawberry Waffle with Double Scoop Ice Cream

Hokkaido 3.6 Milk, Sesame Ice Cream
北海道3.6牛乳, 芝麻雪糕

With Custard Cream

Rosa Maltiflora (Strawberry, Rose, Mint), Blue Sky (Blueberry, Lime, Mint)
薔薇 (草莓, 玫瑰, 薄荷), 藍天 (藍莓, 青檸, 薄荷)

I’s Land Cafe
Address: Shop A, 6/F, Block 1, Camel Paint Building, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Telephone: 5307 3636
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/islandcafehk

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