Holland 100% Dessert Cafe 荷蘭糖水 – At Holland Street

After finishing our meal at Kam Kee Cafe nearby, we came across to this local dessert cafe hidden at Holland Street in Kennedy Town. This dessert cafe has been well-settled here for many years already. They have local sweet soup from black sesame, almond, tong yuen; some specials would be double-boiled coconut, puddings and shaved ice.

The walnut soup is hot and creamy, even though I doubt if it was blended in-house. We opt for a combination with egg white but it is unfortunately not impressive.

The price for shaved ice is a bit too steep for me, as a mixed flavor will cost more with additional $8. Strawberry and Hokkaido milk can never go wrong, I suppose, with fancy assortments of grass jelly, nata de coco and popping jelly.

Nothing special, but I might consider trying their coconut dessert next time.

Holland 100% Dessert Cafe

Chinese Dessert

Dessert Menu

Walnut Soup with Egg White
黃金蛋白 (合桃蛋白)

Egg White

Holland Dessert Cafe Shaved Ice

Strawberry & Hokkaido Milk Shaved Ice, Grass Jelly, Nata de Coco, Jelly Pops
士多啤梨, 北海道牛奶冰底, 配涼粉, 椰果, 什果, 爆爆珠

Holland 100% Dessert Cafe 荷蘭糖水
Address: Shop 1F, G/F, Holland Street, Kennedy Town Praya, Western District
Telephone: 2855 0890
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 14:00-02:00

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