4FUN by Check-In Taipei – #JUST4FUN

In 2 years time, Check-In Taipei has been known for their contemporary Taiwanese concept at Soho. They now relaunched as a new “Japanese meets Taiwanese” restaurant inspired by the famed landmark entertainment building in Taipei called AT4FUN, where features a unique, tantalizing and fusion menu designed tapas style, which is great for sharing while enabling us to try different varieties.

We start by having a signature crispy chicken coated in sweet potato starch, deep fried to golden brown and remain very juicy inside. Served with three homemade dips, starting from my favourite to the least favourite, lemongrass cream, yuzu miso and garlic chili dip (aka typhoon mayo).

The umami cone is composed of creamy uni, fresh apple and some crunchy burdock, while we all love the hamachi yellowtail fish sushi which is carefully assembled in wooden mold, smeared with a luscious secret sauce and blowtorched at the table. It is definitely a highlight.

Another dish flamed at the table is the premium beef shortrib. Made in bite-sized cubes and skewered, it is completed with black salt and shiso pesto sauce on the side. Likewise, the shrimp skewer is also very exiting to the palate because it is wrapped with crispy soba noodles and a lovely sweet plum sauce.

Last but not the least, one could not miss this Japanese cold udon loaded with generous uni, salmon roe and sakura shrimp. It is a mouthful of umami flavor! A must-try dessert, also my favourite, is the bubble tea raindrop jelly made with Taiwanese milk tea, topped with soy bean powder and tapioca.

There are also some amazing cocktails made impressively with fun and creative elements, such as the famous “101 Fireworks” served in a tall glass resembling the landmark building, Drunken Bubble Tea with a spike of alcohol and earl grey-infused vodka, soy milk-based Taiwanese Breakfast with rum and cereal on the side, as well as an all-time favourite coffee tequila and chilled bailey’s in layer, topped with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate – Hungover on Ferrero.

So, it is just right below the Mid-Levels escalator, come drop by this chic and vibrant bar today!

Check-In Taipei

The Bar

4FUN by Check-In Taipei

Drink Menu

4Fun Crispy Chicken
Best selling recipe with 3 signature dips

Umami Cone
Crispy burdock, fresh apple, uni

Aburi Oshizushi
Yellowtail box sushi torched at the table

Aburi Oshizushi
Yellowtail box sushi torched at the table

Flaming Beef Shortrib
Canadian prime grade, shiso pesto, black salt

Ume Soba Shrimps
Ume plum sauce

Uni Sakura Cold Udon
Loaded with uni, sweet & spicy sakura shrimps

BBT Raindrop Cake
Black tea jelly, soy bean powder, tapioca

101 Fireworks 2.0
Kaffir lime vodka, bacardi 151, strawberry, blueberry, mint

101 Fireworks 2.0
Kaffir lime vodka, bacardi 151, strawberry, blueberry, mint

Taiwanese Breakfast
Rum, baileys, soy milk, ginger spiced, cereal

Hungover On Ferrero
Coffee tequila, baileys, ferrero rocher

4FUN by Check-In Taipei
Address: G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2351 2622
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 12:00-22:30 ; Fri 12:00-00:00 ; Sat 18:00-00:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ctaipei

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