Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine 功德林上海素食 – Healthy Comfort Food

I don’t normally visit vegetarian restaurants. Not only the dishes are mostly oily and strongly msg-flavored, because I just don’t like veggie. But considering Kung Tak Lam is a classic Shanghianese fare, I decided to give it a try.

Set at high floor of World Trade Centre at Causeway Bay, it has a great casual venue which I find great for family go-together and reunion dinner. The menu includes both Cantonese and Shanghianese favourites such as sweet & sour pork, pan-fried dumplings, stir-fried noodles, all prepared with mock meats or tofu.

We start with an assortment of appetizers, where I love the deep fried mushroom that resembled the typical fish the most. Follow by some dim sums which are only available during the afternoon, steamed vegetarian dumpling with mushroom and asparagus, pan fried bun with spinach and porcini mushroom.

The deep fried taro fish also impresses us with its realistic shape of a fish, golden brown and crispy exterior and a smooth mashed taro filling, serve alongside sweet and sour sauce.
We finish with two of my mom’s favourites, a traditional Shanghai noodle in soup and an egg souffle filled with sweet red bean paste and additional banana pieces.

I would recommend trying their tofu pudding in a big wooden bucket; made upon order, with carefully selected soybean milk and mineral water, it is served with red sugar and a lovely sweet osmanthus syrup. A red date pudding, chewy, lightly sweetened, with a hint of ginger taste, should not be missed too!

Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine

Pickled Vegetable & Peanuts

Assortment of Three Appetizers

Deep Fried Shredded Black Mushroom with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Vegetarian Goose, Shredded Vegetarian Chicken & Green Bean Sheet
無錫脆鱔, 脆皮素鵝, 雞絲粉皮

Mushroom & Asparagus Dumpling

Pan Fried Spinach & Porcini Bun

Spinach & Porcini Filling
菠菜, 牛肝菌

Deep Fried Taro Fish

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Soup Noodle in Shanghai Style

Shanghai Noodle

Fried Red Bean Paste Dumpling

Banana Filling

Bean Curd Pudding in Wooden Bucket

Osmanthus Syrup

Red Date Pudding

Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine 功德林上海素食
Address: 10/F, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2890 3127, 2881 9966
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/KUNGTAKLAM


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