My Tai Tai – Opened at Lyndhurst Terrace 8

After the opening of the Italian Ee Da Le, in less than a month, My Tai Tai is the second new venture taking over the second floor of the same building, within No.8 Lyndhurst Terrace. Conceptually, it serves exotic Thai food prepared by a team of native Thai chefs, built with some European features.

Still, they keep things authentic. Such as the satay chicken skewer and the excellent chargrilled pork skewer, and a fresh pomelo salad with fresh and large tiger prawns.
While my friends share some sweet and sour Tom Yam Goong, I personally like the organic chicken soup made with coconut milk and lemongrass to give a aromatic creamy texture.

For curry, there are red curry with beef brisket and green curry with chicken, both of which come with flaky and thin roti on the side.
Some favourites are the whole tail of sea bass which has been impressively salt-baked; the whole roasted chicken in Isaan style, juicy and tender, serve aside sweet and chilly sauce.

We finish by ordering all the desserts on the menu, from mango sticky rice with sesame crunch and mango sorbet, pumpkin custard with coconut cream, and my definite choice of Thai tea ice cream.

After all, this Thai restaurant is quite impressive among many in Hong Kong, of course, you should have found a list of amazing drinks too, including Thai iced tea and watermelon mocktail.

A Taste of Thai Flavor

My Tai Tai

The Restaurant


Satay Gai
Barbecue marinated organic chicken skewer, peanut miso & pickled cucumber

Moo Ping
Traditional charcoal-grilled marinated pork skewer

Yum Som O Goon Sod
Fresh pomelo salad, tiger prawns, celery, coriander, spring onions & crispy shallots

Tom Yam Goong Mae Nam
Sweet & sour seafood soup, river prawn, lime leaf, chili

Tom Kha Gai
Organic chicken soup, coriander, lemongrass, lime leaf, galangal

Penang Neua Wagyu
Wagyu beef brisket in Panang curry, chili, pepper, coconut milk

Gaeng Khiaw Waan Gai
Organic chicken in green curry, peas, eggplant, coconut milk, sweet basil leaf

Ro Tee

Pla Phao Glua
Rock salt baked whole sea bass, spicy lime chili sauce

Gai Yang Khao Niew
Roasted marinated chicken, Isaan style, sweet chili sauce, sticky rice

Khao New Mamuang Nam Katie
Mango sticky rice, mango sorbet & sesame crunch

Phak Thong Sang Kaya
Pumpkin with egg custard

I-Tim Cha Thai
Thai tea ice cream with condiments

I-Tim Cha Thai
Thai tea ice cream with condiments

Not Simple
Fresh watermelon juice, lime juice, syrup & soda on top

My Tai Tai
Address: 2/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2896 6018, 28967332
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00 ; Sun-Thur 18:00-22:30 ; Fri-Sat 18:00-23:00
Website: /


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