TSUJIRI Tea House – Matcha Made in Heaven

Following the rapid international expansion from London, Toronto to Melbourne, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai and Taiwan, the historic TSUJIRI Tea House is finally coming to Hong Kong with their premium green tea drinks and desserts.

Debut at IFC shopping mall in Central, the Hong Kong outlet is a typical takeaway stall with a few bench and stools, where serves a variety of delicious treats featuring their signature Matcha and Houjicha. Think like lattes, ice blends and floats, waffles and roll cake, my definite choice will be the houjicha cake roll, which is a wonderfully fluffy and soft cake filled with with smooth cream inside.

Some other favourites are the O Matcha sundae served in plastic cup, comes with brown rice crispy at the bottom, homemade sweet red bean paste, rice flour dumpling and topped with a delicate piece of tea-box shaped waffle sandwich (aka monaka), filled with whipped cream.

While their Hokkaido 8.0 milk soft cream has been made to an impressively milky, creamy and silky texture, the IFC special edition sundae is also amazingly served in a waffle bowl, with your choice of soft serve, red bean paste, shiratama and a piece of lovely roll cake.

Finally, I would recommend trying their matcha milk ice blend topped with Hokkaido milk ice cream!




Tsujiri Roll Cake (Matcha)
辻利卷蛋糕 (抹茶)

Tsujiri Roll Cake (Houjicha)
辻利卷蛋糕 (焙茶)

Tsujiri Soft Cream Cone (Matcha + Milk)
辻利軟雪糕 (抹茶 + 牛奶扭紋)

IFC Limited Edition Waffle Sundae (Matcha)
IFC限定窩夫新地 (抹茶)

Matcha Soft Cream, Homemade Red Bean Paste, Shiratama, Matcha jelly, Roll Cake, Waffle Cone
抹茶軟雪糕, 紅豆, 白玉丸子, 抹茶啫喱, 原味卷蛋糕, 窩夫杯

IFC Limited Edition Waffle Sundae (Houjicha)
IFC限定窩夫新地 (焙茶)

Tsujiri Sundae (Matcha, Hokkaido Milk)
辻利新地 (抹茶, 北海道牛奶)

Ice Blended with Milk Soft Cream (Matcha Milk)
辻利沙冰牛奶雪糕 (抹茶牛奶)

TSUJIRI Tea House 辻利茶舖
Address: Shop 3012, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:30
Website: http://www.tsujiri.hk / https://www.facebook.com/tsujirihk


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