Second Draft – A Gastropub with Delicious Food Option

Opened lately at Little Tai Hang, Second Draft is occupying the ground floor of this service apartment with a horseshoe-shaped bar, tables set against large window, sage green and white walls. The gastropub focuses on a full list of locally imported bottle beers and brews from The Ale Project, while also serving a creative collection of coffee such as cold drips and mocktails.
We are offered tasting shots before deciding our orders.

Coming to the menu, it is designed by Little Bao‘s May Chow. From bar snacks to sharing courses, they all capture an obvious local flavors meeting some Western features, such as a signature HK French Toast topped with thick foie butter, flower crab pasta made with thick Shanghainese noodles.

The Tai Hang fries arrives with a generous sprinkle of cumin, pickled mustard greens and dried chili. It is fairly-spiced, hot, crispy and is simply addictive.

Favourites are the fried chicken, coated with cumin and served with a dyingly delicious fermented tofu and roasted garlic dip; mapo burrata, combining Chinese chili minced pork with this soft, creamy, and mild Italian fresh cheese. There are also sandos and burgers, whilst the best is still the Shanghai Dip ciabatta!

All in all, this place is indeed perfect to enjoy some craft beers, cocktails and these amazing food options.

Second Draft

Coffee, Bottled Beer, Cocktails & Snacks Menu

Tai Hang Fries
Cumin dust, takana, dried chili
孜然, 高菜, 乾椒

Fried Chicken
Three yellow chicken, nam yu roasted garlic dip
三黃雞塊, 南乳燒蒜醬

Mapo Burrata

Burrata, Pork “Mapo” Ragout, Baby Spinach
布袋芝士, 麻婆肉醬, BB菠菜

Burrata Cheese

Shanghai Dip
Ciabatta, braised pork leg, pickled cucumber, scotch ale pork just
拖鞋包, 元蹄, 酸瓜, 啤酒燒汁

Coffee Mocktail

Cold brew coffee, syrup
凍咖啡, 糖漿

Second Draft
Address: G/F, 98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2656 0232
Opening Hours: Tue-Thur 18:00-00:00 ; Fri 18:00-01:00 ; Sat-Sun 13:00-00:00


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