Home’s Favourite – It’s Duriannnn!

Home’s Favourite is a bakery first founded in Singapore, specializing in cookies.

Adapting their mom’s family recipe, they made all homemade cookies with well-selected ingredients such as vegetable oil, all purpose flour with no added preservatives, essence, flavorings or artificial coloring.

Coming to their new shop in Hong Kong, it is definitely a must to try some of their renowned durian pastries. The durian cookie is purely soft in the middle and crunchy on the edges, whilst the others are again delectable. My favourite two are the Singapore Laksa and Lychee cookies.

Their sundaes are particularly worth mentioning as it is topped with 100% pure durian flesh, some more durian cookie crumbs, which gives the best creamy, milky and durian-rich refreshment.
The new milo version is also very loved made with a light milk soft serve, homemade vanilla coffee cookie crumbs and milo powder.

It’s a great spot to grab your holiday gifts! One reminder, make sure you check the expiry date for the cookies.

Home’s Favourite
Cookies & durian

Milk & Durian Soft Ice Cream
牛奶, 榴槤軟雪糕

Fresh Baked Cookie

Cookie Tin

Other Pastries

Pistachio Cookie, Orange Walnuts Cookie, Long Jin Tea Cookie, Rose Tea Cookie, Vanilla Coffee Cookie, Chamomile Tea Cookie, Chicken Floss Crispy Cookie, Singapore Laksa Cookie, Citrus Peel Cookie, Longan & Red Date Cookie, Durian Cookie, Lychee Cookie
開心果曲奇, 柳橙核桃曲奇, 龍井茶曲奇, 玫瑰花茶曲奇, 香草咖啡曲奇, 洋甘菊花茶曲奇, 雞肉鬆脆米曲奇, 新加坡叻沙曲奇, 陳皮曲奇, 桂圓紅棗曲奇, 榴槤曲奇, 荔枝曲奇

Ice Cream Sundaes

Durian Lovers Sundae

Milo Sundae

Durian Lovers Sundae, Milo Sundae
榴槤戀人雪糕新地, 美祿恐龍新地

Calamansi Juice

Home’s Favourite
Address: Shop A, G/F Electric Road 96, Tin Hau, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2310 0998, 2310 0990
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Website: http://www.homesfavourite.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/homesfavouritecookieshk

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