Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品 – Everything Sweet & Purple!

After a big hotpot feast, we come to this dessert place which is just several blocks away on the same street. As the name suggested, Hoi Kee Walnut Place is recognized for their walnut dessert because they put crushed walnut on top of their walnut sweet soup, which is pretty unusual from other dessert place.

Following the trend, they have recently introduced a purple sweet potato and taro series, including handmade purple sweet potato balls, taro balls and sweet potato puree that come in different combination.

I really like the combination with their handmade taro top ice, mashed purple sweet potato, which are both perfectly smooth and sweet. While the purple sweet potato, sweet potato and taro balls are all chewy and filling, they are especially sweetened up with some more coconut cream and bottom has a few taro bits.

It is a great dessert options among all others around Kowloon City, only if they can improve on their speed and services.

Hoi Kee Walnut Place

Purple Sweet Potato & Taro Hand Made Series

Mashed Purple Sweet Potato & Taro with Taro Top Ice, Mashed Purple Sweet Potato & Taro with Sago in Coconut Soup
紫薯蓉芋圓配香芋雪樂冰, 紫薯蓉芋圓西米露

Mashed Purple Sweet Potato, Taro Ball, Sweet Potato Ball, Taro, Taro Top Ice, Coconut Milk
紫薯蓉, 紫薯圓, 紅薯圓, 芋頭粒, 香芋雪樂冰, 椰奶

Hoi Kee Walnut Place 海記合桃坊甜品
Address: G/F, 47 Nam Kok Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2383 0618
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon 13:00-01:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Hoi-Kee-Walnut-Place


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