Meal Top 밀탑 – The Oldest Bingsu Cafe

I initially planned to get a Baekmidang organic soy milk soft serve at the new Hyundai City Outlet in Dongdaemun. It has been closed down and fortunately we come to Meal Top where is found to have served this popular bingsu dessert for a long history.

Also being one of the oldest and best bingsu cafes in Seoul, their ice cream menu covers not many choices but original patbingsu, green tea bingsu, roasted soybean powder and red bean hot soup.

I go for an original patbingsu, a shaved ice topped with sweet milk, azuki bean paste and two pieces of chewy rice cake. An excellent mix of flavors to satisfy my bingsu crave.

Meal Top

Bingsu Cafe

The Cafe

Milk Red Bean Ice Slice

Rice Cakes

Azuki Bean

Milk Red Bean Ice Slice

Meal Top 밀탑
Address: B2/F, Hyundai Department Store Dongdaemun City Outlet, 20, Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone: 02-2283-2246
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00


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