Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market – Seafood Market To Go!

There are a few seafood markets to visit in Seoul, such as the Mapo Agricultural & Marine Products Market, and shortly, the Noryangjin Fish Market. Opens 24-7, it runs with partner restaurants where you can choose and buy your own fresh seafood and bring them to the restaurant for preparation.

In comparison, this seafood market is much closer to the city center, where is just several stations apart from Seoul Station, much cozier with a bigger environment.

You can find plentiful of marine stalls whose could speak fluent Mandarin mostly. We have got a large king crab, prawns, scallop and a platter of fresh oysters.

I like to eat the fresh oyster with the red chili paste they provide; the prawns are grilled; both the scallops and king crab are steamed. The remaining crab roe from the shell is returned to the kitchen and stir fried with rice, nori and sesame seeds seasoning.

This market eatery is surely my top choice compare to the others!

Noryangjin Fish Market

Fish Stall



Tiger Prawns

Fresh Oysters

King Crab

King Crab


Fresh Oysters

Fresh Oyster

Steamed Scallop

Grilled Prawns

Steamed King Crab

Crab Leg

Crab Roe Fried Rice

Fish Stew

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market
Address: 688 Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Telephone: +82 2-814-2211
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

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