Taegeukdang 太極堂 – Oldest Cafe & Bakery in Seoul

Taegeuk Dang is the oldest bakery in Seoul. To reach here, simply take subway line 3 to Dongguk University Station, and exit at no. 2, you will see Taeguek Dang right in front of you.

I’m fascinated as I enter the cafe because there are a lot of freshly made breads and cookies, from chiffon cakes, red bean bun, cake rolls to donuts and coffee churros. Some are already packaged in their old-school design.

Coming here, it is a must to try their renowned homemade Monaka ice cream. One with original milk ice cream sandwiched in a waffle, another with a layer of glutinous rice cake. The ice cream itself is especially sweet, milky, has an icy texture but wise. It tastes a little like the traditional white rabbit creamy candy in my opinion.

This place is so worth a visit for some Korean style bread and patisseries.


Hibiscus Cracker

Freshly-baked Bread & Pastries




Decorated Cakes

Monaka Ice Cream

Taijiquan Cup Ice Cream

100% Handmade Milk Ice Cream

Glutinous Rice Monaka

Taiji Monaka (100% handmade artisan ice cream)

Taegeuk Dang 太極堂
Address: 189-5, Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone: 02-2279-3152
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:30-22:00
Website: http://www.taegeukdang.com / https://www.facebook.com/taegeukdang

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