Crumbs – The Forefront of Froyo History!

Crumbs was once a leading frozen yogurt brand in Hong Kong. At the forefront of froyo industry, it is arguably one of the top ones among all other competitors. Debuted at Causeway Bay, their new establishment has returned to this ever bustling area.

Apart from the delicious original frozen yogurt and famous homemade scones that come in flavors of cheese, raisin and chocolate, they have added a huge selection of toppings such as matcha daifuku, matcha chocolate, Pocky biscuit sticks, macarons, coconut puree, and a new froyo flavor – Hokkaido Matcha.

I go for a super size original froyo with a combo of favourite house crumbs, with a strong scent of cinnamon, chewy mochi, chopped oreo and fresh blueberries. The original froyo is firm, sweet, creamy, whereas my friend’s matcha froyo is similarly delightful, dusted with matcha powder and topped with matcha mochi and pocky sticks.
There are also pastries, freshly baked breads at the ‘new’ Crumbs bakery!

Hokkaido Matcha

Dried Toppings
餅乾, 蛋糕, 糖果系列

Fruit Toppings

Sprinkles, Roasted Almond
彩虹雨, 杏仁碎

Total Cost

Original (Super)

House Crumbs, Oreo, Mochi, Blueberry
香脆碎, 奶油夾心餅, 糯米糍, 藍莓

Twisted (Super)

House Crumbs, Oreo, Matcha Mochi, Matcha Stick
香脆碎, 奶油夾心餅, 抹茶糯米糍, 抹茶脆條

Address: No. 508, Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2799 1212
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 08:30-23:30
Website: /

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