Rotiboy Bakeshoppe – “Roti” means “Bread”

Rotiboy was founded in Penang, Malaysia. It first started as a neighbourhood bakery where sold freshly baked loaves for the households, breads for kids to bring as snacks and cake for celebrations. Until the idea “one bun that rule us all” came into the mind of the founder, he started the revolution and named this one-and-only bun as “Rotiboy”, after his naughty nephew “naughty-boy”.

And oh boy! This popular bakery finally comes to Hong Kong.

This bun itself reminds me of our Asian creation – “Mexican Bao”, with a crispy and cookie-like crust. The soft interior presents a generous aroma of coffee, laced with a little melted butter, but unfortunately hollow. Bear in mind, these texture will only exit if you eat it hot and fresh.

Beside the signature Rotiboy (coffee bun), as well as durian and cheese buns, the Hong Kong branch is also selling slushy and ice cream. I have a Kopi Slush, which is basically a coffee slush with their handcraft coffee ice cream. The base is very lightly sweetened, whereas the ice cream is a little icier than I thought. I should have tried the Teh, aka “lai cha”, something like Hong Kong milk tea.

Rotiboy Bakeshoppe


Ice-Cream Slush (Kopi)
雪糕冰沙 (咖啡)

Rotiboy Bakeshoppe Hong Kong
Address: Shop 24A, G/F, Yan On Building, 1 Kwong Wa St, Mong Kok
Telephone: 2885 3080
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00
Website: /

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