MUM’s NOT HOME – A Secret Hangout in Yau Ma Tei

That afternoon, my friend and I was supposed to visit Mido Cafe in Yau Ma Tei. We did not realize it was under construction and was closed until March. So we walked around the area and reached this secret upstairs space in Shanghai Street with an unusual name called “Mum’s not home”.

With plenty of plants, clothes and old-fashioned furnitures, this hangout is minimal but homey. It is like a collection of art pieces, musics and fashions.

The menu consists of drinks and cakes served homemade from their kitchen. We ordered a galaxy-coloured pineapple soda, a sweet purple potato milk and a piece of durian cheesecake.

The blue color comes from butterfly pea, which does not contribute to the flavor, whilst the soda itself is pretty bland. A better one is the purple potato latte served cold in a huge, silver cup, size like a ramen bowl. And my friend also liked their durian cheesecake, a very rich and creamy cheesecake accentuated with the delicate aroma of durian.

Although I personally don’t feel comfortable sitting in this small space, but my friend do!

Drink Menu
正 Cheap Drink

Purple Sweet Potato Latte

Purple Sweet Potato Latte

Pineapple Of The Sea

Durian Cheese Cake

Durian Cheese Cake


MUM’s NOT HOME 媽不在家!
Address: 1/F, 302 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Telephone: 9770 5760
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun  14:00-20:00 ; Close on Tue.


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