Sumore 森 – He Got Me Oreo Eggette!

It doesn’t matter if you call it egg waffles, eggettes, or ‘gai dan zai’, it is always the most popular snack on-the-go in Hong Kong. Chewy, gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside; the original captured most of our hearts.

At Sumore, this traditional egg waffle is given a twist, serving four different flavors from original, chocolate, green tea to coffee, plus a wide variety of additional fillings such as chocolate chips, red bean, honey, black sesame and M&M’s etc. Seriously?

Need I say more? I’m definitely going for oreo filling in my original egg waffle. Freshly made from the egg waffle machine, hot and crispy, I especially like how it gets a bit crunchy on the edge after cooling. The center is filled with a generous serving of crushed oreo which is truly delectable.

Besides, we have also tried the coffee-flavored Hong Kong style waffle. You can tell it is extremely thick and sandwiched with loads of caramel in the middle.

Imagine the egg waffle can easily feed two people for just $20HKD, I guess it’s well worth coming a bit far to Yuen Long for a try!


Waffle, Ice Cream Egg Waffle
格仔餅, 雪糕雞蛋仔

Egg Waffle Flavors, Additional
雞蛋仔口味, 配料

Egg Waffle Machine

Original Egg Waffle


Caramel Coffee Waffle

Butter, Sugar, Caramel
牛油, 砂糖, 焦糖醬


Sumore 森
Address: Shop 11C, G/F, 38 Yau San Street, Yuen Long
Telephone: 5502 0802
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00


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