The Drunken Pot 酒鍋 – Meet The Fashionable Hotpot!

Located on Observatory Road in TST, The Drunken Pot is a fashionable backdrop offering a new selection of hot pot dishes and delicacies.

Arriving at the bar, we first order a mocktail from their non-alcoholic drink list. The Asia Punch features a refreshing ginger ale-based with fresh lychee, lychee syrup, and my favourite fresh mint. It is very satisfying.

Instead of the signature Drunken Pot that has five different soup bases, we go for a choice of four featuring black truffle, pork bone, spicy and peppery pork stomach with pickled mustard soup. First, the black truffle is amazingly rich and creamy laced with a rich aroma of truffle; pork bone is a regular choice among all while the Sichuan-style one is undoubtedly spicy.

The premium sliced Angus beef chuck is apparently the star of the meal. Served hanging above a bed of ice cubes, the thin beef slices are incredibly marbled for a tender and beefy flavor. The flavor of black truffle from the shrimp and crabmeat dumplings aren’t very pronounced, while the bundle of veggies are simply a fancier display of including cabbage, choy sum, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin and brussel sprouts. Both the Happy Penguin cuttlefish ball and awkwardly-looking squid ink sausages are unfortunately lacking a bit flavor, yet the cute little penguin is truly an eye-candy serving over the ice while the latter one reminds me of our traditional Chinese preserved sausages.

Nonetheless, I really like the crispy fish skin deep fried and sprinkled with a spicy chili powder, as well as the freshly handmade beancurd roll which is crunchy and served with a sweet and sour dip. The same sauce is also served aside the Chinese dough that is stuffed with prawn paste and dressed with black truffle sauce on top, golden, chewy, and crunchy.

Last but not the least, the bi-coloured xiao long bao however do not impress us much as they all taste very similar and not as soupy as expected.

The Drunken Pot

The Drunken Pot

The Drunken Pot

The Drunken Pot

The Notorious Pot

With Black Truffle with Assorted Mushrooms Soup, Pork Bone Broth Soup, Sichuan-style Numbingly Spicy Soup & Pickled Mustard with Pork Stomach & Pepper Soup
配黑松露什菌鍋, 濃湯豬骨鍋, 四川麻辣鍋, 鹹酸菜胡椒豬肚鍋

Assorted Sauces

Hanging Premium Sliced Angus Beef Chuck

Black Truffle, Shrimp & Crabmeat Dumplings

Squid Ink Sausages

Happy Penguin

Vegetable Platter

Deep-fried Spicy Fish Cracklings

Deep-fried Homemade Bean Curd & Seaweed Rolls

Chinese Crispy Sticks Stuffed with Prawn Paste & Black Truffle Sauce

6-color Soup Dumplings

Sichuan-style Spicy Soup Dumpling

Lychee Energizer
Lychee, lychee juice, fresh mint, ginger ale
荔枝, 荔枝汁, 薄荷葉, 薑汁酒

The Drunken Pot 酒鍋
Address: Shop 1, 2/F, 8 Observatory Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2321 9038
Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12:00-15:00, 18:00-00:00 ; Fri-Sat: 12:00-15:00, 18:00-02:00
Website: /

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