HTH 蠔得喜 – The Original From Tsing Yi Bamboo Theatre

Around this area of Tsuen Wan, it is a street food staple for many locals and those who live around here. You can basically find tasty varieties of stinky tofu, fish balls on a stick, tofu pudding, Taiwanese bubble teas and egg puffs etc.

HTH is one of the popular food stands in the fact that I have been so addicted to oyster pancakes and Cantonese rice noodle rolls recently, I come all the way mainly for their highly raved oyster cake.

The cake is pan-fried in Teochew style, with quite a number of small oysters which I found some of them left whole and some chopped. Fritter-like, it has crispy edges but too thick and chewy for my liking. The lady also offers us some additional condiments including Thai chili sauce and fish sauce, but we only ask for some coriander.

In comparison, the Cantonese pan-fried rice noodle rolls impresses very much with an appetizing color from the rich soy sauce, chewy and soft texture, stir fried with tiny dried shrimps and spring onion. It is so delicious!


Rice Rolls, Shao Mai, Fish Balls
腸粉, 燒賣, 魚蛋

Oyster Cake, Mixed Seafood Cake
蠔餅, 什錦海鮮餅

Oyster Cake

Oyster Cake

Pan-fried Rice Rolls with Dried Shrimp

Pan-fried Rice Rolls with Dried Shrimp

Oyster Cake from Tsing Yi Bamboo Theatre

HTH 蠔得喜
Address: 7 Kin Ming Street, 15C-2 Cheong Wah Building, Tsuen Wan
Telephone: 5502 1161
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 06:30-21:30 ; Sun 08:30-21:30


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