More Eggettes 摩芽雞蛋仔 – Honey Starry Egg Puff

After getting some oyster pancakes, I go further to explore more around Tsuen Wan.

At the beginning, I am so excited to try the familiarized taro egg waffle with honey star cereal at More Eggettes. But sadly it was no longer available, so I go for a chocolate flavor instead.

It is made fresh on a waffle iron upon order. Piping hot, the egg waffle is surely perfect with an extra crunchiness, crispy edges, aromatic custard taste, and gooey center filled with melted chocolate chips and adorably-looking honey star cereal.

I admit that I am getting too many egg waffles these days. But seriously, who could resist this gorgeous innovation that captures most of our hearts, from the young to old generations.

More Eggettes

More Eggettes

Chocolate Starry
星星 (朱古力)

Honey Star

Chocolate Eggette

More Eggettes 摩芽雞蛋仔
Address: Shop 4A, G/F, 31 Tsuen Hing Path, Tsuen Wan
Telephone: 9208 8979
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 14:00-00:00

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