Myth Jokbal – Miss Pork Knuckle At Hongdae

Myth Jokbal has been on my Seoul-to-eat-list for years. It is a jokbal specialist restaurant that first opened its door since 1987. We come to Hongdae branch expecting a long queue, but surprisingly we instantly have a table for 3 at around 8pm.

They basically serve one thing only, the braised pork knuckles. There are 2 types on the menu, original and another with extra garlic on top.

Believe me, the portion is huge. No word can describe preciously how fatty, juicy, tender it is. I also like the sauces being served along including soy sauce, chili miso paste and a sweet and chili one.

To go with our pork knuckles, we have a Korean rice balls which has been deliberately flavored with sesame oil, seaweed and flying fish roe. There are also salad that comes along, with black olives, almonds and tangy vinaigrette; side dishes, as well as a spicy hotpot for your noodles.

Give Miss Pork Knuckle a try, and you will love it!

Myth Jokbal

Pork Knuckle Menu


Dipping Sauces

Side Dishes

Original Jokbal

Original Jokbal

Braised Pork Knuckle

Flying Fish Roe Rice Ball

Flying Fish Roe Rice Ball

Flying Fish Roe Rice Ball

Myth Jokbal 미쓰족발
Address: 164-12 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-04:00
Website: /

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