Dining at Murasaki – An Unusual Japanese Omakase

Opened just a few months ago, Dining at Murasaki is set inside a hidden area of Sino Plaza, behind a little cafe. While the Japanese name “Murasaki” can literally be translated to “violet”, the interior is deliberately styled with a splendid purple tones beginning from the corridor, the main dining area, the teppanyaki bar to the sushi bar. I really like the nacre dining tables where we start our unusual Japanese omakase experience.

We begin by having some walnut bread and French baguette served with two slabs of addictive homemade bacon butter and truffle butter. Follow by a non-alcoholic aperitif made with blue butterfly pea, lemon juice and soda.

The amuse bouche is certainly made subtle with chilled and silky tofu, shredded crabmeat and a refreshing melon sauce.
Daily-catched sashimi is served over a bed of purple-blue ice along with a playful smoky effect; red snapper wrapped with salmon roe, citrus jelly on a piece of daikon; white shrimp with caviar; I particularly like the melt-in-the-mouth cod fish that has been lightly seared.

Both the lobster salad and tuna chirashi has a creative plating, whilst the latter one is studded with a piece of fatty tuna, sushi rice that is seasoned with tuna oil, egg, spring onion and a consomme jelly for taste. The Hokkaido scallop with green pea puree and crispy sago chips is perfectly pan-fried, incredibly plumpy and juicy.

We also have a traditionally simmered abalone, a homemade puff pastry with sweet potato cream and a palate cleanser tomato sorbet. Hmmm!!!!

For our mains, we ask for a medium rare U.S. beef and their signature pork pluma. The slow-cooked pork pluma seamlessly standouts with a succulent and tender texture, served with two kinds of salt and a citrus mustard, but trust me, the pork collar is already flavorful enough on its own!

Last but not the least, it’s a carb-loaded Inaniwa udon with a clear, piping hot lobster broth, toasted sakura shrimp and a piece of meaty lobster claw.

Most anticipated is no doubt the desserts. Favourite elements included the black sugar sorbet from the water drop cake; the roasted rice ice cream from the golden birdnest; citrus cream from the chocolate dome and the rice syrup plus pear brand jelly from the popping candy.

Final verdict, I truly admire the moreish omakase experience, how it is influenced by French technique and the impeccable desserts.

P.S. The collaboration with VC’s yellow label will also allow you to enjoy some cheese popcorn with comte cheese dip (a type of gruyere cheese) during their happy hour.

Dining at Marasaki

Dessert Bar

Table Setting

Murasaki Omakase

Walnut Bread, French Baguette, Bacon Butter, Truffle Butter

Butterfly Pea Lemon Soda

Chilled Tofu, Crabmeat, Melon Sauce

Daily Jet-flown Sashimi

Kimedai with Citrus

White Shrimp with Caviar

Seared Cod Fish

Lobster Pomelo Salad

Citrus Pollen Juice

Prime Tuna Chirashi

Egg, Spring Onion, Gold Leaf-Jelly

Pan-fried Hokkaido Scallop

Green Pea Puree, Sago Crisp

Purple Sweet Potato Puff

Simmered Abalone


Grilled U.S. Beef

Medium Rare

Sous Vide Pork Pluma

Rock Salt, Black Sea Salt, Spicy Citrus Mustard

Lobster Inaniwa Udon

Lobster Soup, Toasted Sakura Shrimp

Inaniwa Udon

Water Mochi

Black Sugar Sorbet, Ginger Black Sugar Syrup, Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Dumpling

Kinako, Roasted Soybean Powder to serve

Maple Syrup Ice Cream with Caramelized Bacon

Maple Syrup Caviar, Chocolate, Milk Foam

Golden Bird Nest Monaka

Choice of Daily Ice Cream (Roasted Rice)

Choice of Daily Ice Cream (Matcha)

Chocolate Dome

Milk, Raspberry, Caramel Popcorn, Citrus Cream, Pistachio Marshmallow, Pomegranate Sorbet, Dark Chocolate Sauce

Popping Candy

Fruit Pearls, Pear Brandy Jelly, Yamamomo, Rice Sauce

Taro Macaron, Kusa Mochi

Yellow Hour
Cheese popcorn, seaweed comte cheese sauce, Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

Dining at Murasaki 紫
Address: UG/F 08, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay
Telephone: 2817 8383
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-14:30, 18:30-22:30
Website: http://diningatmurasaki.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/diningatmurasaki


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