L’attitude – I Love You Panda!

I can still remember how serious the ice cream hits goes when Hong Kong foodies are trying to chase after every single latest invention. One need not to mention is L’attitude, a dessert cafe introducing the concept of Korean’s popular soft serve store “Ruimilk”. They bring in ice cream with cotton candy and other toppings to form cute characters such as panda and dark clouds, which makes for unique treat.

The new branch is set at Imperial Kennedy, a very elegant space filled with adorable elements. You may sit with soft toys or on the bench looking out at the street.

While serving not only the signature soft serve, there are savouries from salad, snacks, pasta, whilst we opt for a premium rice bowl topped with a generous serving of crab roe, two slabs of sea urchin and a piece of seared scallop. The presentation is doubtlessly fascinating, it tastes ordinary, and I wish for some Japanese soy sauce.

The truffle fries are nicely served piping hot, with a little truffle paste on top, and 3 dips on the side. I particularly enjoy the truffle mayo.

And finally, it comes to the most adorable moment – Panda soft serve! It is just way to cute to finish the entire cotton candy. The chocolate and milk swirled ice cream is excellently creamy and smooth, very rich and filled with layer of oreo crumbs, my favourite!


L’attitude Hong Kong

Premium Latt Bowl

Crab Roe, Seared Scallop, Sea Urchin, Japanese Rice
蟹膏, 燒帶子, 海膽, 珍珠米

Truffle Fries

Panda Attack

Panda Cotton Candy, Milk & Choco Swirl Ice Cream, Chocolate Cookie Crumbs
熊貓棉花糖, 特濃牛奶, 朱古力扭紋, 朱古力曲奇碎

L’attitude Imperial Kennedy

L’attitude Hong Kong
Address: Shop 2, Imperial Kennedy, 68 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
Telephone: 2887 6319
Opening Hours: Sun-Wed 11:30-21:30 ; Thu-Sat 11:30-22:30
Website: https://www.facebook.com/lattitudehk / https://www.facebook.com/lattitudeik


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