The Classic 500 – A Splendid Hotel near COMMON GROUND

Opened in 2012, The Classic 500 is a residential-style hotel located at Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. It is amazingly elegant and comfortable featuring a concept of space to offer some of the biggest hotel rooms in the city.

Our suite is very different from elsewhere typical hotel room, not only is it spacious, but also providing a large bedroom, bathroom, an open kitchen in addition to a spectacular view of Seoul. The Irish-style dining room is also great for us to enjoy a mid-night supper, meaning some Korean fried chicken takeaway, instant noodle and banana milk.

During the mid-morning, we have visited Cafe Masil, a contemporary cafe within the hotel, where serves both traditional and modern Korean beverages and small meals. The latest special healthy latte promotion includes a sweet pumpkin latte.

A bonus is that the COMMON GROUND is just a few blocks away from the hotel, so we manage to reach there on foot, a very Instagram-worthy place that you must visit!

The Classic 500

The Living Room

The Desk

The Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchen

Dining Table

The View

The Bedroom

The Changing Area

Cafe Masil

Sweet Pumpkin Latte

Korean Traditional Tea
(Jujube, Ginger, Ssang Hwa)

(Mango, Strawberry, Soft Persimmon)

Korean Instant Noodle, Korean Fried Chicken, Banana Milk

Common Ground


Food Truck

Common Ground

The Classic 500
Website: /

Website: /

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