Qǐng Zuò 請坐 – A Homey Taiwanese Restaurant

Speaking of Taiwanese braised pork rice, I think many of us will remember Yuan is Here in Sai Ying Pun. It used to be the only favourite Taiwanese outlet of mine because it sells cheap and delicious Taiwanese street food. And lately, Qing Zuo arrives and opens its sit-down restaurant at Ying Wa Terrance around the HKU area, where not only got my attention for its modest and cosy ambience, but also its homey food, meaning without the added MSG!

We start with a crispy fried chicken bowl with egg and tomato on rice. Needless to say the egg and tomato is pleasantly tasty, the cooked lettuce is marinated with soy sauce, I really admire the use of steamed short-grain rice.

My favourite is definitely the Taiwanese-style braised pork tossed noodle. It has just enough oil and sauce to go with the chewy and thick noodle, the pork belly isn’t too fatty at all. Topped with half of an hard-boiled soy sauce egg, it is just perfect.

We also love the Chinese/Taiwanese omelette, which is traditionally made with a layer of tapioca flour crepe, scrambled egg and some chopped scallions; whilst ours is served with bonito flakes, mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce that resemble the flavor of takoyaki.

Both the bubble tea and rosella tea are very delightful. I’m surely returning for more!!!

Qǐng Zuò


Chinese Omelet Menu

Homemade Chili Paste

Crispy Fried Chicken On Rice

Noodles with Braised Pork

Chinese Omelet with Bonito Flakes

Bubble Tea, Roselle Tea
珍珠奶茶, 洛神花茶

Taiwanese Omelet, Braised Pork Noodle, Deep-fried Chicken & Tomato & Egg Rice Bowl
台式蛋餅, 滷肉拌麵, 椒鹽雞排大碗飯

Qǐng Zuò 請坐
Address: Shop 2-3, G/F, Wah Fai Court, 1-6 Ying Wa Terrace, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
Telephone: 2677 2888
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-21:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/qingzuo.tw

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