Grassman 草民 – Picnic Indoor in TST!

The pastry chef, who was formerly one of the owners of Dessert Gallery in Yuen Long, brings over his dessert recipes and starts a new cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui named as Grassman. Offering not only some signature desserts but also some savouries including a brunch and lunch menu, the cafe is truly designed to relax and chill. Walking barefoot on the synthetic turf or simply sitting next to the window, it feels like picnic but indoor.

The menu offers a few options of small bites and pasta, mainly desserts. An Asian-inspired spaghetti for example, is made with diced chicken thigh, dried chilis and peppercorn. The taste itself isn’t very hot but numbing, whilst the cremini mushrooms are nicely sauteed for a buttery and tender flavor.

Our dessert comes in a show-stopping chocolate dome that has been beautifully decorated with an edible rice paper butterfly. Instead of pouring a stream of melted chocolate over it, we are given a mini wooden mallet to break the hard chocolate surface. We love the sake jelly with a strong wine taste, the creamy Movenpick tiramisu ice cream and those green tea crumble at the bottom, but the milk chocolate crunch is a tad sweet for my liking.

This cafe is great for a lazy afternoon and to add on, the pineapple yuzu soda is very refreshing!


Welcome To Grassman


Spicy Chicken Spaghetti

Spicy Chicken Spaghetti


Crispy Lawn Bowls

Crispy Lawn Bowls

Edible Rice Paper Butterfly

Green Tea Crumbs, Chocolate Crunch, Sake Jelly, Movenpick Tiramisu Ice Cream
綠茶金寶, 朱古力脆米, 甜酒啫喱, Movenpick芝士蛋糕雪糕

Pineapple Yuzu Soda, Vanilla Mixed Berries Soda
菠蘿柚子梳打, 雲呢拿雜莓梳打


The Bills

Grassman 草民
Address: 9/F, The Lamma Tower, 12-12A Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui
Telephone: 6693 2896
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12:00-22:30

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