227 Desserts Tavern – Plentiful & Wholesome Desserts

Walking through Fa Yuen Street from Mong Kok to Prince Edward, it is extremely hot especially when it is a sunny Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we come to the end of the street where opened a lot of restaurant and cafes, one need not to mention is the well-known 227 Desserts Tavern. This pretty little spot is with ancient Chinese decoration, lanterns and wooden furnitures, serving mostly Cantonese desserts with plentiful healthy ingredients, such as Chinese pearl barley, black sugar with ginger, different kinds of beans and seeds etc.

One of the most popular orders here must be the green tea pudding with red bean, ice cream, plus a layer of milk shaved ice. Also topped with mini glutinous dumplings and additional black sugar agar agar, I particularly like the wonderfully nice and silky texture of the pudding itself, even though the green tea flavor is just relatively light as in dominated by the milk flavor. I also like the milk shaved ice and the lightly sweetened black sugar agar agar.

Another order is a selection of ingredients with a tofu pudding base and black sugar ginger syrup. It includes chopped yam, barleys, lotus seeds and sweet potato.
The cafe also provides self-serve tea, and today’s choice is a Jasmine green tea.

This exceptional dessert cafe is indeed noteworthy and I’m surely coming back to try my favourite aiyu dessert!

227 Desserts Tavern

Tofu Pudding, Yam, Barley, Lotus Seed, Sweet Potato, Black Sugar & Ginger Syrup
白豆腐花, 山藥, 薏米, 蓮子, 蕃薯, 薑汁黑糖水

Sweet Potato, Lotus Seed
蕃薯, 蓮子

Green Tea Pudding with Red Bean & Green Tea Ice Cream

Healthy Desserts, Self-serve Tea
養生甜品, 自助熱茶

The Bills

227 Desserts Tavern 227甜棧
Address: Shop B, G/F., 246 Fa Yuen Street, Prince Edward
Telephone: 3117 1223
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 15:00-00:30
Website: https://www.facebook.com/227DessertsTavern

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